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Ling Roe

90 gr
In Stock

Ling Roe, a salted product of the best quality

The Ling Roe is a typical salted product from the eastern Spanish coast. Salting is a traditional and antique way of conserving food which continues to be very popular because of its quality and the great salty flavour it gives fishes.

The ling is a high seas fish which lives in deep and rocky waters. The meat of this product is very appreciated because of its softness and flavour. These roes are tender and very easy to eat, as they are normally taken in thin slices.

The preparation of ling roes is an artisan and simple process. The roes are brought in salt and they are compressed until they are dehydrated. Then, they are dried under the sun, where they get their so characteristic colour, rosy and flashy.

No matter you take them in the terrace of a bar, in a restaurant or at home. You will enjoy some delicious ling roes anywhere thanks to Gastronomic Spain, an excellent service and FREE deliveries across Europe.

*At Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping ling roes between 0º and 25º in a cool and dry place.

Whole piece of ling roe

90 g. net weight

Vacuum packed

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90 gr
ling, water, salt
contains fish
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vacuum packed
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Ling Roe