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Tuna Jerky

150 gr
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Whole piece of tuna jerky, perfect for your snacks with friends

The whole piece of Tuna Jerky is a vacuum-packed tuna loin prepared to be filleted and consumed.

Tuna jerky is made from yellowfin tuna loins by means of a traditional and natural dying and salting process with sea salt. For its fishing, the technique of almadraba (tuna fishing) is used. This is very common in the Andalusian coast, in the area of Murcia and in Valencian Community.

In addition to the whole piece, Gastronomic Spain also offers sliced tuna jerky in oil, ready for its consumption. Moreover, cod crumbs, dry blue whiting, and other salted products found in this category of salted products.

Other of the characteristics of tuna jerky is that it’s captured with purse seines and nets raised in the Pacific Ocean and in the East-central Atlantic Ocean.

It is ready for its consumption, as it is a dry and salted product with yellowfin tuna and salt.

Enjoy a tasty and flavourful delicacy with our tuna jerky. Serve it sliced in thin strips with some drops of olive oil or almonds.

*At Gastronomic Spain we recommend preserving tuna jerky in a fresh and dry place.

150 g. net weight

Vacuum packed

Whole piece of tuna jerky

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150 gr
tuna, water, salt
contains fish
taric code
vacuum packed
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Tuna Jerky