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Tuna Jerky

150 gr
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Whole piece tuna jerky, perfect for your snacks with friends

The whole piece of tuna jerky ‘mojama’ is the tuna loin vacuum packed and prepared for slicing and consumption.

The mojama is made from Yellowfin tuna loins, through a traditional and natural process of drying and salting with sea salt. It is fished using the almadraba technique and it is very common on the Andalusian coast, in the Region of Murcia and in the Valencian Community.

As well as offering the whole piece format, Gastronomic Spain also offers the tuna mojama sliced in oil, ready for consumption. As well as the crumbs of cod, or the dried blue whiting, other seasoned products that you will find in our category of salted snacks.

Another of the characteristics of the tuna jerky is that it is caught by purse seines and nets used in the Pacific Ocean and the Central-East Atlantic Ocean. It is ready to eat as it is dry and a salted product with yellowfin tuna. Enjoy a rich and tasty delicacy with our tuna jerky. Serve it cut into thin strips with a few drops of olive oil or almonds.

Tuna jerky ingredients:

Ingredients: Tuna (thunnus albacares) and salt. Tuna jerky is a totally natural product, so it only uses salt as a natural preservative.

Tuna jerky characteristics:

The tuna jerky is made from first-class tuna loins, dehydrated and cured with salt. Angolevante, under the Angomar brand, produces delicious tuna jerky cubes, in a 150gr. cube shape and vacuum-packed to prolong its life. The tuna jerky is considered as the ‘sea ham’, a boneless, perfectly cured product that does not need to be cooked to be consumed.

It has a consistent texture, depending on the thickness of the cut. The perfect cut is 1mm. and it has a slightly salty and sea flavour, because of the salt where it has been cured. In the moutb it has a texture that makes it easy to hold on the palate. For this reason, it is recommended that it can be eaten with almonds.

We recommend eating it with a little bread and extra virgin olive oil, cut into thin slices and accompanied by almonds. When it comes to preserving it, we recommend wrapping the taco in a cloth and storing it in the fridge.

‘Mojama’ or Tuna Jerky, a traditional appetizer

The tuna jerky is one of the most typical appetizers of the Levantine coast and southern Spain. Our special tuna mojama is made with the best fish. The tuna loins are pressed and soaked for one or two days in a coarse salt and then air-dried. The result is an exquisite tuna jerky with a firm texture and excellent flavour.

It is ready to eat as it is a dried and salted product with yellowfin tuna and salt.

*At Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping the tuna jerky in a cool, dry place.

150gr. net weight

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Whole piece of tuna jerky

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150 gr
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Tuna Jerky