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Cured Capellan

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Dry Blue Whiting or Cured Capelin

Dry Blue Whiting, also known as Cured Capelin (capellán curado, in Spanish), comes from cod. It stands out because of its properties and nutrients and it’s one of the more exquisite white fishes in terms of flavour.

Its habitat is the Mediterranean and Cantabrian Sea, but its consumption has spread through the whole peninsula. The dry blue whiting is the most common way of consumption, but there are other varieties.

Dry Blue Whiting, one of the tastier white fishes

Dry Blue Whiting is one of the tastier and more exquisite white fishes. There are many of them in the area of Mediterranean and Cantabrian Sea and it stands out because of its aggressivity. Dry blue whiting, also known as cured capelin, is a product rich in nutrients.

Dry blue whiting comes from cod and it is also made by means of salting. The casing is cleaned, salted, and dried. It is high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, helping to reduce cholesterol. It also strengthens bones and teeth thanks to the calcium and phosphorus it contains.

There are many varieties, but the most common is dry blue whiting. This technique consists in drying the fish, so you can consume it without problems in salads and tapas.

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Dry blue whiting


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Cured Capellan