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Buy your Serrano Shoulder Ham and enjoy it from any point of Europe

Eating serrano shoulder ham, like eating ham in general, is one of the most usual hobbies of Spanish people. Maybe there are other things that we are bad at, but we are the best in those matters concerning gastronomy.

The serrano shoulder ham is, probably, the great unknown of our Spanish gastronomy. The truth is that we don’t usually hear things such as “we are going to eat serrano shoulder ham”, but we actually hear “we are going to eat ham”. We have a wide variety of cheap shoulders. If you want to get to know our variety of pork shoulder, you can check it right here.


Serrano Gran Reserve Shoulder

Price €43.17
4.200 gr

Serrana Reserve Shoulder

Price €52.54
5,5 kg

Serrana Shoulder Ham Sliced

Price €3.81
100 gr

Teruel Shoulder Ham

Price €54.54
5 kg

Serrana Gran Reserva Online Shoulder

Price €41.35

Paleta Curada En Maza

Price €21.08
1,2 kg