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Organic Iberian Shoulder Cut With a Knife

80 gr
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Buy knife-cut Acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder

We offer you an acorn-fed Iberian shoulder with ecologic certification. A shoulder of the highest quality aimed at the most demanding consumer, who is looking for a product of the highest quality and who is concerned about the origin of the food they eat and about sustainability and care for the environment.

If you are an Iberian ham lover, you are going to love the organic acorn-fed Iberian shoulder. In Gastronomic Spain we have a wide variety of hams and sausages with organic certification, such as: hams, chorizo, Iberian sausage and even loin. You have Free shipping to all Europe and more than 1.500 references of Spanish products to complete your pantry.

Characteristics of knife-cut Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder with ecologic certification.

The knife-cut Acorn-fed organic Iberian shoulder comes in an 80g. format, vacuum-packed, ready to eat. The pigs, 75% purebred Iberian origin, are raised on organic feed and pasture in the pastures of Extremadura. This cured shoulder has D.O. Extremadura certification.

This package of Iberian shoulder ham is made by the company Extrem Ibéricos, a ham dryer that has its own livestock of Iberian breed pigs. It is located in the region of Estremadura and its hams, apart from being certified organic and Iberian, are certified by the Designation of Origin of Extremadura.

The ham Designation of Origin of Extremadura is one of the most demanding certifications for Iberian ham. First of all, they only certify hams from “Cebo de campo” and Acorn-fed Iberian pigs. In addition, the pigs must have a breed purity of at least 75%.

The Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is sliced with a knife, in this slices, two millimetres thick and measuring about 5cm by 4cm. it has ample fat infiltration in the lean meat. It has a dark brown colour and a pale white fat that melts in the mouth. In the mouth it has a pleasant, salty taste, balanced with notes of intensity due to the curing of the hind leg.

This Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder comes in an 80g. package, presented in a tray and vacuum-packed.

This Iberian shoulder is obtained from Iberian pigs with a 75% Iberian breed that have been raised in freedom, with a careful feeding in which the ecological origin of the natural pastures and the acorn of which they have been fed during all their life is guaranteed.

Ingredients of the Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder:

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder and salt. Contains no allergens and it is gluten-free.

Weight: 80gr.

Brand: Extrem Ibérico

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80 gr
Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder and salt
does not contain allergens
Extrem Iberico

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