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Serrano Ham Reserva Sliced

100 gr
In Stock

Buy Reserva Serrano Ham Sliced online at Gastronomic Spain. The best mild Serrano pork ham cured for more than 14 months

We offer a wide variety of Reserva Serrano hams, Check them out here! 

Gastronomic Spain is the most popular online shop of Serrano hams in Europe. If you live outside Spain you can find Serrano ham, but not a Reserva Serrano ham like this one. A perfect cure and a delicious taste. It comes in a 100-gr. vacuum-packed format and better than buying a whole leg of ham cutting ham all the time. This pack of Serrano Reserva ham sliced can be kept in the fridge and eaten whenever you like.

Forget about the raw ham that you can buy for 2 euros in the supermarket and buy a real Reserva Serrano ham.

Characteristics of Reserva Serrano Ham sliced

The term "Reserva", when referring to ham, can be pata negra or serrano. The main and most common characteristic is that it has a long maturation in a cellar. This cure of the Serrano ham must last at least 12 months. In this way, this Reserva Serrano ham sliced is one of the most exquisite ham on the market and Gastronomic Spain offers it at an excellent price.

In our online shop you can find other types of Serrano ham, such as whole ham legs or Teruel ham and many others. Typical products of Spanish cuisine that may not be easily found in the country you are in.

100 gr.

Reserva Serrano Ham Sliced


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Data sheet

100 gr
ham, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-301)
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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vacuum packed
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100 gr

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Serrano Ham Reserva Sliced