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Tub of Spicy Sobrasada El Zagal

200 gr.
In stock

Buy tub of Spicy Sobrasada El Zagal online

At Gastronomic Spain we love to bring these Spanish products to all those people who live far from Spain, and Tub of Spicy Sobrasada El Zagal is one of the most desired products.

It is made with high quality raw materials and a unique flavor is achieved, obtaining a spicy sobrasada in a special and traditional tub format from the Balearic Islands with the seal of Protected Geographical Indication of Mallorca. Take advantage of this opportunity and buy the spicy sobrasada tub online in our online store with FREE shipping.

Buy Spicy Sobrasada El Zagal Online: tub format and incredible price

Sobrasada is one of those Spanish products that people like so much. Like the spicy sobrasada, made with the respective spices that give rise to that special and spicy touch.

Thanks to its proper curing and vacuum packaging, El Zagal manages to maintain its flavor and aroma qualities for a long time, thus obtaining the incredible and tasty spicy sobrasada in a 200 gr tub format.

At Gastronomic Spain we invite you to enjoy our El Zagal spicy sobrasada tub from anywhere in Europe and with totally FREE shipping. In addition, we have a varied catalog of sobrasadas from Mallorca with the respective Protected Geographical Indications of Mallorca.

Characteristics tub of spicy sobrasada El Zagal:

The Tub of Spicy Sobrasada El Zagal is characterized by many things, but stands out for its seal of extraordinary quality since it is part of the Protected Geographical Indication of Sobrasada de Mallorca.

This I.G.P. It was granted in 1996 by the European Union and is understood as the defense of its specific designation of origin (Mallorca), the application of its regulations, as well as the quality control by the Regulatory Council.

In addition, it should be noted that the sobrasada from Mallorca is made with the best meats selected from Mallorcan pigs, a native breed of the island, raised in freedom and with controlled feeding.

Other of its characteristics to highlight:

  • 200 gr. net weight.
  • Format vacuum packed in tub.
  • Without gluten.
  • Without colorants.
  • Without preservatives.

Since its inception in 1905, El Zagal has specialized in making this very special product in Spain and forming part of the culinary history of Mallorca. Without a doubt, the sobrasada from El Zagal is unique and, therefore, Gastronomic Spain wants to make it reach any part of Europe.

Ingredients tub of spicy sobrasada 

The ingredients that make up the tub of spicy sobrasada are: bacon and lean pork, black pepper, paprika, salt, dextrose, natural aroma of rosemary and antioxidants (extract rich in tocopherols, fatty acid esters of ascorbic acids).

* It should be noted that the paprika used in the sobrasada is, in this case, spicy paprika to give it that spicy touch that we lovers of strong emotions like so much.

Sobrasada and pregnancy

Food is one of the aspects to take into account during the pregnancy process, especially you have to be especially careful with raw foods. Therefore, during pregnancy you can consume sobrasada (sweet or spicy) as long as said product is completely cooked, both fried and baked.

200 gr. net weight

tub format

El Zagal

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200 gr.
Bacon and lean pork, paprika, salt, dextrose, natural rosemary aroma and antioxidants (extract rich in tocopherols, fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid).
Gluten-free, lactose-free, without preservatives or dyes
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El Zagal

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