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Sobrasada from Majorca El Zagal

400 gr
In stock


Sobrasada from Majorca El Zagal: straight to your home

Are you far from Spain and want to taste the typical product of the Balearic Islands?

Gastronomic Spain offers you the best sobrasada from Majorca. Spicy, rich and special flavour. Whole piece of 400 g., natural casing and packed in a protective atmosphere.

Our Majorcan sobrasada is made from Majorcan black pork, seasoned with paprika, spices, salt and black pepper. A sausage to spread on bread and enjoy good food.

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Sobrasada is the only spreadable sausage, its texture makes it a very versatile sausage. It is also one of those Spanish products, which is almost impossible to find abroad. From our online store we give you the possibility to buy the sobrasada from Mallorca el zagal at a good price and with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

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Characteristics Mallorcan sobrasada El Zagal

Our Mallorquina sobrasada el Zagal  has an approximate weight of 400 gr. and a cure of at least 30 days. It has a reddish color due to the curing and the sweet paprika that has been used in its preparation. It is a tender spreadable sausage, the casing has a firm consistency although if it is left out of the fridge it can become somewhat brittle.

Mallorcan sobrasada comes in a whole piece and with all the flavor of the Balearic Islands. This typical sausage has a very rich and artisan spicy flavor. Our Mallorcan Sobrasada El Zagal is made with natural casing and it has the tipical, artisan, look. One of the main manufacturers of Sobrasada Mallorquina is Zagal, it has a wide variety of sobrasadas and an indisputable quality. The company was founded in 1905 and all its products are certified by the PGI Sobrasada de Mallorca. In addition, Sobrasadas el Zagal has been awarded the TASTE OF THE YEAR 2021 distinction.

Our sobrasada from Mallorca is made in a traditional way with pork and seasoned with salt, black pepper and paprika. It is characterized by having a bright reddish / orange color and a soft texture, ideal for spreading.

Sobrasada de Mallorca is the quintessential product of the Balearic Islands. Sobrasada from Mallorca is classified as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) by the Balearic government and the European Union, a seal of designation of origin that gives it exclusivity, quality and exceptional production processes.

Enjoy our tasty Majorcan sobrasada with a well spread piece of bread. You can also fry it or make it in the oven and it is delicious with eggs.

How to eat sobrasada from Mallorca El Zagal

Sobrasada is a cold meat such as chorizo, salami and tenderloin. Her we are going to give you some tips when it comes to eating the sobrasada from Mallorca.

  • Way of consuming Sobrasada from Mallorca

Sobrasada de Mallorca is not "poked" inside the gut with a knife, like someone who takes mayonnaise out of a glass jar. It is in a discussion between Mallorcan people and people of the peninsula that has opened more blisters than the monothem of "The potato omelette with onion or without onion." Like all sausages, the sobradada is cut into slices and the casing is removed as in any other sausage.

  • Keep the sobrasada after eating.

Once you have finished consuming the sobrasada it must be stored in the refrigerator, covering the part where it has been cut with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. That will keep it from drying out. If we were to poke around in the tripe instead of cutting it into slices, it would make it difficult to preserve and would congratulate the appearance of mold in the nooks you have left. By cutting it you are thus avoiding poor conservation.

  • Sobrasada combinations

Sobrasada de Mallorca is a very versatile product that can be combined and integrated into different dishes. For Mallorcan people, a common combination is to eat it on sobrasada toast with honey or sugar. On the other hand, in the Valencian Community there is a mythical sobrasada sandwich, called Almussafes that has: Sobrasada cheese and caramelized onion.

Sobrasada from Majorca El Zagal

Weight. 400 gr

Format: whole piece, semi-curled, packed in a protective atmosphere.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Brand: El Zagal

Produced by: El Zagal Tradición S.A.U.

P. Ernesto Mestre 67, 07200 Felantix (Mallorca), Spain

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Data sheet

400 gr
lard (antioxidants B.H.A., B.H.T. propyl gallate), lean pork, paprika, salt, dextrose, black pepper, stabilizer (pentasodium triphosphate). Natural pork casing.
does not contain allergens
El Zagal

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