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Spicy Iberico Acorn Chorizo



400 gr

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Our spicy iberico acorn chorizo comes from Guijuelo, in Salamanca, which is known as cradle of the iberico. This thick-casing chorizo comes in a 400 gr. piece and vacuum packed. It has a slightly spicy flavor. This producto is gluten free.

This spicy iberico acorn chorizo is perfect for those who love cutting the chorizo themselves. We have many other Iberian chorizos that you may be interested in. You can check them here.

Spicy iberico acorn chorizo is elaborated in a traditional way using the best raw materials. The Iberian breed pigs are raised on grass and natural pastures. They spend between 2 and 4 months in pastures where they are fed mainly on acorns. The breeding of the pigs and the careful treatment of the raw materials make our thick-casing iberico acorn chorizo an excellent product. The spicy paprika gives it a pleasant taste and a striking color.

Our spicy iberico acorn chorizo is best enjoyed slice by slice. Take your time and savor it slowly.

Spicy iberico acorn chorizo qualities

When we talk about thick-casing chorizo, we are talking about a chorizo that has been stuffed into the thickest intestine of the pig (large intestine). That is why, unlike other chorizos, the color of the chorizo is more grayish, since the thick and robust casing is not transparent as when it’s stuffed in the small intestine.

Thick-casing chorizo it’s characterized by having a 4-6 cm thickness. The type of minced lean and fat is different since the curing period of this type of chorizo is also much longer.

It’s a type of chorizo, due to its long curing process, its high quality raw material and its thickness, is only consumed in thin slices. It’s not a chorizo used for cooking.

It’s all you would expect from a quality acorn chorizo: a cured chorizo, firm consistency, juicy, an intense reddish color with just the right white veto and a great refined flavor with a characteristic aroma.

One of the main characteristics of this chorizo is the diet with which the Iberian pig has been fattened. In this case, during the hunting season, the gocho has been fed on acorns and natural pastures.

Spicy iberico acorn Chorizo Ingredients:

Lean Iberian pork, salt, hot paprika, natural spices, maturation regulators (lactose, dextrin, dextrose) stabilizers (sodium caseinate E-450 a, b) preservative (E-252)

When we say that this chorizo is spicy, it doesn’t mean that it burns as if you were eating jalapeños in Mexico. It has a slightly spicy taste.

This product is suitable for coeliacs since it’s gluten free.

Spicy iberico acorn chorizo from Guijuelo

Talking about Guijuelo is talking about Iberian pork. Guijuelo was the first Protected Designation of Origin of Iberian ham and is the region where most certified Iberian products are produced in Spain. Our Chorizo is made by the company Nieto Martin, a family business that has been making excellent Iberian sausages and hams with care for generations.

400 gr. net weight

vacuum packed

Spicy iberico acorn chorizo

Nieto Martín


Data sheet

400 gr
lean Iberian pork meat, salt, spicy cayenne (pimentón), natural spices, maturation regulators (lactose, dextrine, dextrose), stabilisers (sodium caseinate E-450 a,b), preservatives (E-252)
contains lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
400 gr
Nieto Martin

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Spicy Iberico Acorn Chorizo