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Recebo Iberico Ham



7.500 gr
In Stock

If you are looking for the best Recebo Ibérico ham you are on the right site. You won’t find a better offer for Recebo Ibérico Ham in any other Iberian ham’s shop

75% Iberian porks are grown and fed with cereal and soybean feedingstuffs. Great care is taken in the production of this great product, from breeding to drying. When cutting the ham, we find a dark reddish colour with the fine white veining so characteristic in Iberico hams.

If you buy cheap Recebo Ibérico Ham, it will for sure delight you. Enjoy the pleasure of cutting ham bit by bit whenever you want.

*Cebo is the distinctive feature that depends on the pork's breed, and the way they have been fed

7.5 – 8 kg

Recebo ibérico ham (whole ham leg)

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7.500 gr
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
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7.500 gr

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Recebo Iberico Ham