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Yzaguirre White Vermouth

1 L.
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An Yzaguirre white vermouth with touches of vanilla and cinnamon

Cheers! With the Yzaguirre white vermouth we can only toast and enjoy its excellent fresh and intense flavour, with touches of vanilla and cinnamon.

Yzaguirre white vermouth is the perfect aperitif and adds flavour to your cocktails. This fresh, traditional and at the same time a modern drink that will convince you with its intense and sweet taste. Combine the Yzaguirre white vermouth with 2 olives stuffed with anchovies, 2 or 3 ice cubes and a slice of orange to make it more special. You just need to enjoy!

Yzaguirre white vermouth, special for the aperitif

A special, unique vermouth with a singular character, our Yzaguirre white vermouth will be your best pairing for a perfect aperitif. Its personality and its great fresh, balanced and sweet flavour make it an exceptional drink.

Our Yzaguirre white vermouth has been surprising palates since 1884 when the brand was created. Yzaguirre has become a vermouth benchmark in Spain since its production processes are handmade and exclusive, with rigorous quality controls and unique flavours. Also available Yzaguirre red vermouth.

The vermut, is also known as vermú or vermouth and at Gastronomic Spain we have a wide variety available for who live far away from Spain.

Yzaguirre white vermouth characteristics

• White vermouth is made from white wine.

• It has a pale yellow colour due to the mixture of herbs and sweeteners such as sugar or caramel.

• Intense aroma of aromatic herbs and spices with light balsamic touches that favour a pleasant and singular aromatic structure.

• Fresh, smooth and intense on the palate. Perfect balance and with the special touch of vanilla and cinnamon.

Undoubtedly, the Yzaguirre white vermouth is the perfect aperitif. Together with various snacks it is a real joy. Enjoy our white vermouth paired by 2 olives stuffed with anchovies, 2 or 3 ice cubes and a slice of orange, we assure you that you will love it.

Recommended to serve very cold.

Yzaguirre white vermouth awarded with the Vinari Gran Or 2021

The Vinari awards are those that reward the best vermouths in different categories. In the case of the white vermouth category, the Yzaguirre has been the winner in the past 2021 awards.

The purpose of these awards is to make Catalan vermouth known, a drink with a long history in our country and popular among Spaniards.

Buy Yzaguirre white vermouth at a fair price

It is cristal clear that, like Spanish vermouths, there is nothing like it. In particular, our Yzaguirre white vermouth, one of the most popular in Spain, is unique and incomparable.

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1 L.

15% vol.

Vermouth Yzaguirre

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1 L.
sweet white vermouth
contains sulphites
15% vol, 1l bottle
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Yzaguirre White Vermouth