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Red Vermouth Yzaguirre

1 L.
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You cannot miss out an appetizer like the red Vermouth Yzaguirre

The best plan for a perfect weekend is, undoubtedly, an appetizer. And obviously an appetizer cannot go without a perfect pairing: red Vermouth Yzaguirre. A classic in Spanish culture. The red Vermouth Yzaguirre is intensely aromatic in the mouth, with a balanced acidity, and long aftertaste, slightly bitter and intense. Do you dare to try it?

The red Vermouth Yzaguirre is a traditional drink with a very timeless touch. It is a special red vermouth for unexpected or extraordinary occasions. Do you want to dazzle someone? Serve a red vermouth Yzaguirre and enjoy it.

What is red Vermouth Yzaguirre?

Our red Vermouth Yzaguirre is traditional and modern at the same time, or in other words, it is a timeless drink. Its fresh and balanced flavours make it the perfect pairing with an appetizer.

The “vermut”, also known as vermouth or vermú, is a type of wine macerated in herbs served during the appetizers. They are known as European wines, with a typical characteristic cocktail aroma. At Gastronomic Spain there is a wide variety of popular and traditional vermouths from Spain. Check them out!

Especially our red Vermouth Yzaguirre is of a superior level. An excellent and traditional flavour since 1884 when the brand was founded. With great prestige in the Spanish market since its production processes are handmade and exclusive, with rigorous quality controls and unique flavours. Also available white vermouth Yzaguirre.

Red Vermoutyh Yzaguirre characteristics

The red vermouth Yzaguirre is the classic of the Yzaguirre family. It is combined with a formula that uses nearly 80 herbs and spices to give it that distinctive touch from other vermouths. Among its features:

• It is made from wormwood, a plant that gives the drink a bitter taste.

• It has a mahogany colour with bright orange reflections.

• On the nose, aromas of aromatic herbs, delicate fragrances of spices and Mediterranean notes stand out.

• The red vermouth displays complex flavours with notes of citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, mint, ripe fruit and oak, with velvety palate. It is important not to forget the slight bitterness in the mouth, but well balanced and with balsamic touches.

• It has a long, pleasant and intense aftertaste.

How to drink red vermouth Yzaguirre

Yzaguirre has not only traveled the seven seas, but now comes with his red vermouth to brighten up your days. Combine it with some good snacks and enjoy as only you know how.

Apart from enjoying it in a classic way as an aperitif, we invite you to bring out your creative side and try it in the form of different cocktails.

The most common ways to drink red vermouth Yzaguirre is:

Paired with 2 olives stuffed with anchovies, 2 or 3 ice cubes and a slice of orange. This is perfect!

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15% vol.

Vermouth Yzaguirre

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1 L.
Red vermouth
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15% vol, 1l bottle
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Red Vermouth Yzaguirre