Soft Jijona Almond Nougat

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The Soft Jijona Almond Nougat, called Turron, is a Spanish christmas classic. The nice and sweet taste of the Almond Nougat are essential in christmas.

150 gr
The Soft Jijona Almond Nougat is probably the most classic of the special nougats called Turron. This delicacy is essential for any Spanish christmas.

Our Soft Jijona Almond Nougat has an exquisit and sweet taste. The soft texture and the great taste turn it into the ideal christmas treat.

Enjoy a real Spanish Christmas with our Soft Jijona Almond Nougat.

150 gr.
  • Ingredients: toasted almond, sugar, honey, glucose syrup, egg white, emulsifier (E-471)
  • Allergens: contains nuts, eggs

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