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Jijona nougat (turrón de Jijona), also known as soft almond nougat (turrón blando) due to its composition, is one of the quintessential nougat in Spain. In fact, its origin lies in Jijona, a small town in Alicante that began to make this incredible Christmas sweet in the 16th century.

The soft nougat Jijona (Xixona nougat) is made up of ground almonds, honey, and egg white; which gives it the characteristic of being softer than the rest of nougats.

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What is Jijona nougat?

Jijona nougat (turrón de Jijona) is one of the most emblematic nougat and known to all Spaniards. Its consumption is found during the Christmas holidays, and it is one of the most outstanding Christmas sweets.

Jijona nougat is also known as Xixona nougat. Jijona is a small town located in Alicante where the Regulatory Council of Jijona and Alicante nougat resides. Therefore, the nougat produced and controlled by this Alicante Council is part of the Denomination of Origin.

What does Jijona nougat Denomination of Origin mean?

When a soft almond nougat has the corresponding Jijona nougat label, it is because it is part of the Denomination of Origin of this town.

Does it mean that all soft nougat are part of the Denomination of Origin? The answer is no. Not all soft almond nougat are subject to the requirements imposed by the Alicante Regulatory Council, therefore there are more types of soft almod nougat belonging to other regions of Spain, as well as other production processes, but always with the same ingredients. And you can find them in Gastronomic Spain, as well as many other typical Spanish nougats.

Jijona nougat ingredients or soft almod nougat (turrón de Jijona o turrón blando)

Both the Jijona nougat that is part of the DO and the soft nougat without DO, contain the same ingredients for their elaboration:

Ground almonds, honey, sugar, ground cinnamon, lemon zest, a pinch of salt and egg white.

The biggest difference and, therefore, what makes this Jijona nougat and soft nougat characteristic of the rest is the way in which the almond used is treated. The different sheets are grinded in granite mills, obtaining a mass which goes through different refining until the desired fluid mass is achieved.

That is why the almond becomes a paste and the nougat is completely soft without whole almonds.

Artisan Xixona nougat recipe

Obviously, the nougat from Xixona is only considered this way if it has been made in the town of Jijona itself since it has its own Geographical Indication. But let's see step by step how we can make Jijona nougat or artisan soft almond nougat:

  1. First step: toast the raw almonds in the oven for about 5 minutes at 180 degrees. Once we see that the almonds are already toasted, we take them out and let them cool.
  2. We beat or crush the almonds with a kitchen robot that we have available (It is preferable that a slightly larger piece of almond remains).
  3. In another container, place the honey and sugar, and mix. Later, we heat the mixture so that the sugar and caramel dissolve.
  4. Let it warm off the heat and add the egg white. Mix.
  5. To this mixture we add the ground almonds, lemon zest and half a tablespoon of cinnamon. We mix everything well.
  6. Pass the mixture to the prepared mold, and previously oiled so that it does not stick.
  7. Crush the dough.
  8. Put in the fridge for a few hours to compact.
  9. It only remains to enjoy our soft nougat from Jijona.