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Pumpkin Jam

520 gr
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Buy pumpkin jam Online, comes from the sugared pumpkin

The pumpkin jam or also known ‘Cabello de Ángel’ or ‘dulce de cidra’, is a typical Spanish sweet made from pumpkin. Specifically, from the caramelised fibres of the pulp of this fruit. In fact, it is also known as a variety of candied pumpkin.

Many recipes can be made with pumpkin ‘cabello de ángel’, especially desserts and fillings for pastries such as puff pastries filled with ‘cabello de ángel’ or some other pastries that we have available at Gastronomic Spain.

In addition to this typical Spanish sweet, very particular to the province of Seville, the Gastronomic Spain online shop also has a very extensive catalogue of typical and traditional Spanish food. So, take advantage of this opportunity to savour Spanish pleasure far away from Spain. FREE shipping all over Europe. Check conditions.

‘Cabello de Ángel’ Ingredients:

The ingredients used to make angel hair are: Pumpkin pulp (62% to make 100 gr of product), lemon, sugar, modified starch, thickeners: carrageenan and locust bean and acidulant: citric acid.

It is a gluten-free product, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

‘Cabello de Ángel’ from Hida Alimentación Characteristics :

The ‘cabello de ángel’ is a type of jam made with pumpkin pulp. It does not have as much sugar as marmalade and its texture is very different, as traditional marmalades are usually made with fruit while ‘cabello de ángel’ is made with a vegetable. It is a sweet that is used in countless desserts and typical dishes of Spanish Gastronomy.

Our ‘cabello de ángel’ is made by Hida Alimentación, a canning company known for the high quality of its products. It is a canned product, which prolongs the life of this product. It weighs 520gr.

It is a jam with a texture in which the fibres of the pumpkin are noticeable. It does not have a homogeneous texture and it is usually eaten as part of desserts. It has a sweet, delicate and very meaty flavour. You can see how the threads of the pumpkin have crystallised and caramelised. Pumpkin jam is a typical Spanish producto, necessary to make many of the typical sweets of our gastronomy, such as: Cortadillos, Manolos, puff pastries, pasties filled with ‘cabello de ángel’

Buy ‘Cabello de Ángel’ at Gastronomic Spain

One of the most typical Spanish sweets is now available: ‘Cabello de Ángel’. Pumpkin jam is made from candied and shredded pumpkin. It can be made in an endless number of recipes such as: pastries with angel hair (Cabello de ángel) or stuffed puff pastries. Undoubtedly, the ‘cabello de ángel’ cortadillos are one of the most delicious desserts we can find. Also available in our online store.

A typical sweet from Seville, it is made from the caramelised fibres of the fruit pulp. In this case, it comes from the candied and shredded pumpkin, typical of the summer season.

Do not hesitate any longer and buy this delicious candied sweet typical of the Iberian Peninsula and make rich and delicious desserts that will leave your guests speechless.

520gr. net weight

Canned producto

Hida Alimentación

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Data sheet

520 gr
Pumpkin pulp (62% to make 100 gr of product), lemon, sugar, modified starch, thickeners: carrageenan and locust bean and acidulant: citric acid.
Does not contain allergens
net weight
520 gr

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Pumpkin Jam