Asturian Been Stew

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A special treat from the Spanish kitchen, slowly cooked, with a reddish colour and an irresistible taste.

The Asturian Bean Stew, called Fabada, is one of the most popular stews of the Spanish gastronomy. Our stew is tasty and ready to eat.

1 portion
425 gr.

The Asturian Bean Stew is probably one of the most popular stews in Spain. It has its origin in the region of Asturia, which is famous for its excellent food and the Stew, called Fabada, is a very good example.

Our Bean Stew is elaborated f
ollowing the traditional recipe. Only supreme ingredients are used like the white bean, sausages and meats as chorizos, black pudding or bacon.

Our Asturian Bean Stew has a thick texture and a great taste. It is ready to serve, warm it and enjoy a good homemade like meal.

1 portion
425 gr.

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