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Calamari in American Sauce PACK3 CALVO

Pack 3
In Stock

Calamari in American Sauce PACK 3 CALVO

Calamari in American Sauce PACK3 CALVO is one of the most delicious and popular appetizers among Spaniards. Thanks to the spicy touch of the American sauce, these calamari are the perfect treat to enjoy with friends or family.

What is Calamari in American Sauce? : characteristics

The Calamari is one of those typical products that can be found anywhere, except for outside Spain. Concretely, they are carnivorous, cephalopod molluscs, similar to the octopus.

It is very usual to eat calamari in its own ink, but here comes the novelty of Calamari in American Sauce, a new variety that will surprise everyone, even those picky eaters.

Our Calamari in American Sauce are branded by the prestigious brand of Spanish canning jars CALVO. It comes in a pack 3, so it will always come in handy in your kitchen.

Delicious American Sauce to accompany

The American Sauce brings the perfect spicy touch to one of the most popular appetizers in Spain. It is made out of sunflower oil, tomato, onion, rice flour, species, salt and plant fiber, ingredients that will make these calamari delicious.

Calamari in American Sauce elaboration

The Calamari in American Sauce are elaborated in a simple manner out of a stir fry (sunflower oil, tomato, onion, rice flour, species, salt and plant fiber). Then, the calamari are cooked until they are juicy and they will be ready to be served. After, they are packaged in 3 cans and are ready to be consumed.

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Finding such a high-quality product like this outside Spain is nearly impossible, pero in Gastronomic Spain everything is possible.

Buy you Calamari in American Sauce PACK3 Calvo so you and your friends can enjoy a nice appetizer with a Spanish taste. Quality product at amazing prices and with FREE shipping to Europe with free shipping over 79,99€ or 89,99€, depending on the destination.

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format: canned

Pack 3


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Pack 3
Calamari and American sauce (sunflower oil, tomato, onion, salt, modified starch, sugar, spices, natural aroma and coloring (paprika extract).
contains molluscs
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