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Squid in its Ink

600 gr
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Squid in its ink is a traditional dish of the Spain’s gastronomy. Unlike the squid in its ink we usually find on the market, we offer you ones with the best quality, big pieces, in a 600 gr. format, home-made, by the canning industry Aimar – Vencerol.

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Characteristics of Squid in its ink:

Our squid in its ink are home-made and with no colorants nor preservatives added. The taste of the squid itself is strengthened by the squid’s ink sauce. It is a Spanish dish worthy to try, home-made squids really tasty, delicious, that has been cooked in a traditional way. An abundant dish, more than 600gr. Ideal to accompany with bread.

You can enjoy these squid as an appetizer or with white rice or potatoes. Whatever combination you choose, the squid in its ink form an exceptional dish and will be always a good choice.

The pleasure of taste these squid in its ink is on your own, and don’t worry about the shipping costs because they are FREE to all Europe.

Remember that if you want to conquer your palate or do a great gift you can consult all our product catalogue here. Enjoy a large variety of squid, such as stuffed squids with American sauce or some type of octopus, such as boiled octopus.

*From Gastronomic Spain we suggest to conserve it in a fresh and dry space. Once opened, conserve in the fridge for a maximum of 5 days.

These squid in its ink are produced by the company Vencerol, under the gourmet brand Aimar. It is a company that produces canned food and dishes elaborated with the best quality.

Ingredients of Squid in its ink:

Squid 60%, onion, tomato, breadcrumbs, sunflower oil, salt, water, squid’s ink, corn-starch, garlic

600g. net weight

Glass jar

Squid in its ink

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Data sheet

600 gr
squid 60%, onion, tomato, bread crumbs, sunflower oil, salt, water, squid ink, cornstarch, garlic
contains mollusk (squid), gluten
taric code
net weight
400 gr

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Squid in its Ink

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