Red Vermouth Yzaguirre

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The best plan for the weekend, the aperitif!

The Red Vermouth Yzaguirre is a traditional and jet timeless drink. The pleasant, fresh and slightly bitter taste makes the Vermouth ideal as an appetizer.

1 L. 
15% vol.

Our Red Vermouth Yzaguirre is a traditional and at the same time modern, or in other words timeless, drink. The fresh and balanced taste converts the Vermouth into the perfect appetizer.

The Red Vermouth Yzaguirre presents a brilliant mahogany colour. Herbal aromas, delicate spicy fragrances and Mediterranean notes stand out in nose. The Red Vermouth unfolds complex tastes with citric notes and a light bitterness on the tongue. Our Vermouth has a long and pleasant ending.

Yzaguirrenot only travelled the seven seas but also arrives with its Red Vermouth to cheer up your aperitifs. Combine it with some nice snacks and enjoy. Besides having it the classic way as appetizer we invite you to get creative and try it in form of different cocktails.

1 L. 

15% vol.

  • Ingredients: red vermouth
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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