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Organic Spicy Paprika Powder

70 gr.
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Organic Spicy Paprika Powder, harvested without synthetic fertilizers

Organic Spicy Paprika is one of the products that is part from Las Hermanas gourmet brand. Is a smoked paprika elaborated under the organic production regulations, as it’s reflected in their corresponding seals. It is an organic, natural and handmade accompaniment and is presented in a 70 gr can.

If you were looking for an organically produced paprika, our organic spicy paprika from Las Hermanas this will be your best choice if you like dishes with a spicy touch. Buy organic spicy paprika powder in Gastronomic Spain, the best online store of Spanish food.

Organic spicy paprika: information and qualities 

The organic spicy paprika is a powdered condiment very typical of the Spanish gastronomy.

This spice is characterized by its red color and its flavor obtained from the drying and ground of the rede peppers of the variety Jeromín, which gives that spicy touch in your dishes.

It also should be noted that it is a smoked spicy paprika, a very remarkable factor that makes it such a desirable product in gastronomy.

But without a doubt, the most outstanding quality of the organic spicy paprika is that comes from f organic farming, that is an organic spicy paprika elaborated under organic production regulations, respecting the natural cycles of cultivation and harvested without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Being an organic product, it supports the protection of the environment, sustainable practices and the respect for nature. In addition to having an extraordinary flavor with a spicy touch, you are contributing to our system.

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Organic Spicy Paprika under the brand name Las Hermanas

The organic spicy paprika that you will find in Gastronomic Spain is top quality. This type of paprika belongs to Las Hermanas brand, the company is a pioneer in the smoked paprika sector in Spain and holds the Pimentón de la Vera Protected Designation of Origin guarantee mark.

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Our organic spicy paprika Las Hermanas comes in a 70 gr can. We also have organic sweet paprika

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70 gr. Net weight

Format: can

Organic production

Las Hermanas


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70 gr.
Organic Spicy Paprika Powder
Las Hermanas

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Organic Spicy Paprika Powder