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Organic Sweet Paprika Powder

70 gr.
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Organic Sweet Paprika Powder: sweet and garnered with no synthetic fertilizers

The Organic Paprika Powder belongs to the gourmet brand Las Hermanas. It is a smoked paprika powder produced under the organic production rules, that is how its seals reflect it. it is an organic, natural and handmade supplement, presented inside a 70 gr. can.

If you go for the biologic production, our organic sweet paprika powder from Las Hermanas is your perfect supplement. Don’t lose this opportunity and buy organic sweet paprika powder online at Gastronomic Spain, where the best Spanish food offer is found. Find it out!

What is the Organic Sweet Paprika Powder?

Our organic sweet paprika powder is a kind of smoked paprika which chooses the biological. It is produced under the organic production rules and respects the natural crop cycle, as it is garnered with no synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides. It is a 100% natural kind of paprika.

The organic paprika powder we have in Gastronomic Spain is sweet and is from the gourmet brand Las Hermanas, recognized for its achieved quality on each of the processes, from the selection and drying of the pepper in a holm oak and oak firewood, until the making and packaging of the paprika in its can.

Apart from being the perfect supplement for your dishes, it is an eco-friendly sweet paprika. That is how its organic production seals reflect it.

Organic Sweet Paprika Powder characteristics

The organic sweet paprika powder making process is different from the elaboration of the traditional de la Vera paprika. The peppers are 100% from sustainable harvesting and are slowly sun-dried for a prolonged period of time.

Its unique flavor stands out for its elaboration process. The organic paprika powder does not have a smoked flavor, but it tastes like roast or baked peppers to a great extent. Such a delicacy!

With the elaboration of this organic pepper an attempt to help preventing climate change is made, as these peppers are free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and chemical agents.

Organic Paprika Powder from the Las Hermanas gourmet brand 

Our organic sweet paprika powder comes from Las Hermanas gourmet brand. The Spanish brand of reference.

Las Hermanas has conquered the national market as well as the international one, as it counts with the De la Vera Paprika Protected Designation of Origin, although the organic paprika is not in this section.

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70 gr.
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Organic Sweet Paprika Powder