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Iberian Ham Bone

500 gr
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Buy online bone of Iberian ham:

We present you the bone of Cebo Iberian ham with a lot of meat and substance that provides its taste to your soups. These bones come approximately in 500 gr. format, diced and packaging in a vacuum. It is a very difficult product to be found outside Spain. It is used for making soups and stews. It provides a great taste.

Characteristics of bone of Iberian ham:

The bone of Iberian ham is obtained from Cebo hams with at least 50 % Iberian breed, with a curing of at least 24 months. It is obtained from Iberian certified pork from Guijuelo. It is presented in dices and packaging in a vacuum. It is a product with a wide expiration date, necessarily to be kept in a fresh and dry place.

It could be said that it is like a big Avecrem bar, totally natural with a unique taste and 100 % Spanish. It is one of those Spanish products impossible to find abroad. If you are one of those that like to cook with loving care, it is a product that cannot be missed in your kitchen.

The bone of the ham used for cooking is obtained from the knuckle, right on the hoof. It is a bone with a thickness over 8 cm. It is characterized because it has a lot of meat, which could have been extracted from ham during the cut with the knife. It is so valued in the kitchen and becomes something more than a simple bone.

It is a clear example of wasteful cuisine. When they used to say that even the porks’ feet were eaten, it was not a joke.

Ingredients of bone of Iberian ham:

The ingredients of bone of the Iberian ham are: Iberian pork ham, salt, preservatives (E-250, E-252)

How to cook bones of Iberian ham:

It is easy to use this product in your meals and receipts. Being a diced product, you do not have to use all the bone of the knuckle in just a meal. At the time to make a vegetable soup and casserole, simply you have to introduce the bone or the bones and that they stay covered by the soup. Little by little their flavor will be licked and mixed with the rest of the meal.

At the time of making the soup, we recommend to stir-fry with a bit of oil and the rest of the vegetables. When it is seen that the grease is sweating, the water can be added and let it boil. It is a natural enhancer and seasoning.

500 gr. aprox.

Nieto Martín

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Data sheet

500 gr
Iberian pork ham, salt, preservatives (E-250, E-252)
Does not contain allergens.
vacuum packed
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Nieto Martin

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Iberian Ham Bone