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Our Spanish Christmas sweets are considered Spanish Christmas desserts because they are always eaten after every lunch or dinner during these designated dates.

In addition to the typical desserts such as nougat or marzipan, another series of sweets that Gastronomic Spain offers you so that you can enjoy Spanish Christmas from anywhere in Europe also triumph.

Chocolates (bombones) are part of our life. They always do a good role if we have to prepare some detail for our loved ones. The same happens with stuffed almonds. A very traditional product from Spain that triumphs wherever it goes. Stuffed almonds are crunchy wafers filled with nougat cream. It is considered a very characteristic, unique and original product since it is shaped like an almond.

Another spanish Christmas dessert that stands out is the panettone, a type of bun made with a brioche dough filled with chocolate chips. Although it is not a product of Spanish origin, its popularity is so great that it has become familiar with our Christmas sweets and desserts.

Roscos de vino, dulce de quince, sugarcane, angel hair or cocoa truffles are other Christmas desserts to contemplate to leave your guests with their mouths open.

Discover our entire catalog of Christmas sweets and buy your spanish Christmas desserts for these holidays.

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