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Tentacle of cooked octopus

300 gr
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Tentacle of Cooked Octopus

Octopus is one of the star dishes of Galician gastronomy. An invertebrate that is cooked in a very simple way, a highly appreciated food by everyone. We present vacuum-packed Tentacles of Cooked Octopus. This delicacy is preserved in a gel that extends its life. If you want to eat it in the Galician style, the ideal way is to cut it with scissors and add boiled potato, a little extra virgin olive oil and sweet paprika.

Buy the spectacular Cooked Octopus that Gastronomic Spain offers and be transported to the flavors of your land.

What is octopus?

Octopus is a cephalopod mollusk, like squid and cuttlefish. Our refrigerated Cooked Octopus is perfect for any occasion. With no additives and very easy to prepare.

Unlike other seafood, such as calamari, cooked octopus is considered one of the most selective animals, which is why it is so highly valued in the market. Cooked Octopus manages to surpass the highest quality standards, making it a gourmet dish and an exquisite tapa.
You can find an infinite number of recipes to cook with it: Galician style, a feira, on the barbeque, grilled, with rice, in olive oil, etc. But there is none like the Cooked Octopus offered by Gastronomic Spain.

If you are a lover of this seafood, don't hesitate to consult our web, because we also offer products such as Tentacles of Pacific Squid in Galician style, Stuffed squid in American sauce or Squid in sunflower oil, as well as a wide variety of calamari and baby cuttlefish.

Cooked Octopus ingredients:

Only natural ingredients are used: octopus, salt and bay leaf.

Tentacle of Cooked Octopus characteristics:

Cooked Octopus is one of the most appreciated cephalopods from the Galician coast. It comes in a 300 gr. format, cleaned and prepared. All you have to do is cut it into pieces and temper it. You can also add a little potato, oil and paprika. It has a delicate flavor, a soft texture, not chewy. Thick tentacles, exquisite taste.

The best Cooked Octopus at Gastronomic Spain

You will find the best Cooked Octopus at Gastronomic Spain. It is a spectacular item, with its perfect cooking point that makes it melt in your mouth.

In our online shop you can find different types of octopus: Tentacles of Potón del Pacífico Galician style, Potón Stuffed with American sauce or European flying squid tentacles in Sunflower Oil. But, without a doubt, Cooked octopus is one of the signature dishes of our cuisine.

300 gr. net weight

Cooked Octopus



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300 gr
octopus, extra virgin olive oil, salt
contains mollusk
vacuum packed
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net weight
300 gr

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Tentacle of cooked octopus