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Mussels in Vinaigrette Sauce Dani

106 gr.
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Mussels in Vinaigrette Sauce Dani

These healthy and delicious mussels in vinaigrette sauce Dani are made with a handmade vinaigrette, which is a condiment that adds more flavor to the tender Dani mussels.

Individual can format 160 gr. of the best Chilean mussels in vinaigrette. Buy your Spanish appetizers in Gastronomic Spain.

What are Mussels in Vinaigrette?

Mussels in vinaigrette is one of the most excellent and popular Spanish seafood appetizers throughout the Peninsula. And no wonder why! The delightful combination of Chilean mussels with vinaigrette sauce makes this canned food an irresistible tapa.

Chilean mussels are also known as choro, chorito or quilmahue, which is a type of filter-feeding bivalve mollusks of the family Mytilidae. This Mediterranean mussel is one of the main sea products of the Spanish gastronomy. It is part of the great appetizers, but you can also find some mussel recipes such as: spaghetti with mussels or the famous tigers, but without leaving aside the star dish: steamed mussels.

Mussels in vinaigrette Dani qualities

• They come from the species Mytilus Chilensis.

• They are whole mussels without shell.

• They have its Characteristic orange color.

• With a vinegary flavor thanks to the vinaigrette.

• Firm and consistent texture.

• They come in a can

Mussels in vinaigrette ingredients

Chilean mussels, wine vinegar, sunflower oil, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onion and salt.

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In Gastronomic Spain we offer a huge number of products typical from the Spanish gastronomy prepared and ready to be sent to any European city. Among these products you can find the mussels in vinaigrette sauce Dani, an appetizer you must have in your pantry.

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106 gr. net weight

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106 gr.
Chilean mussels, wine vinegar, sunflower oil, green pepper, red pepper, onion and salt.
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