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Pickled Mussels Extra

115 g.
In Stock

Our fried Pickled Mussels are grown and elaborated in the region of Galicia, famous for its high quality seafood. These mussels, with impeccable taste and elaboration, are probably one of the best on the market. Above all they stand out with their high quality and their careful craft elaboration.

The Pickled Mussels have a firm texture; the pieces are fleshy, full and brilliant as well as perfectly clean. The orange seasoning, due to the red cayenne pepper (Pimentón), is very balanced and harmonizes perfectly with the mollusk.

Our Pickled Mussels, of big size, are perfect to have as an appetizer. Together with razor clams and a cold Albariño white wine they unfold all their charm.

7 - 10 pieces
110 gr can
69 gr net

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Data sheet

115 g.
mussels, olive oil, vinegar, salt, natural flavouring, laurel
contains mollusk

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Pickled Mussels Extra