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Pickled Mussels

115 gr.
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Canned pickled mussels, a traditional snack

One of the typical and traditional snacks of our country. You can find the canned pickled mussels in any bar, but also in Gastronomic Spain. These canned mussels are the perfect snack.

The canned pickled mussels are from Galicia, but they are found all over the peninsula. They have rich nutritional proportions, as well as their flavour. A real luxury for our exquisite palate.

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Marinated Mussels come from the Galician Rías. Their traditional preparation and their outstanding and balanced flavour are just some of the characteristics of this popular snack.

Pickled mussels, recommended by the WHO and the Mexillon Regulatory Council of Galicia

Pickled mussels are produced in Galicia. Galician mussels stand out for their great taste and quality, and have nutritional benefits. In fact, the WHO and the Mexillon Regulatory Council of Galicia recommend the consumption of pickled mussels.

Pickled mussels are high in vitamins, amino acids and minerals and are very beneficial to health. As the mussels are canned, they can be preserved and have a shelf life of more than 2 years.

They have a firm texture, and their pieces of meat are shiny and perfectly cleaned. Their dressing is very particular because it is orange in colour, very balanced and harmonises perfectly with the molluscs.

You can also find extra pickled mussels, spicy pickled mussels, in packs of 3 or in small format. If you are curious, do not hesitate to consult the different canned mussels we offer.

*Gastronomic Spain recommends preserving pickled mussels in a dry and cool place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours.

14 - 18 pieces

111 g. can

69 g. drained

1 unit

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115 gr.
mussels, sunflower oil, vinegar, wine, salt, natural falvour
contains mollusk
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Pickled Mussels