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Mussels in vieira sauce

106 gr.
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Buying Mussels in Scallop Sauce

The delicious Mussels in Scallop Sauce are the perfect snack all year round. This type of mussels is considered a classic among the cans available in our online supermarket.

Seize this opportunity and buy mussels in scallop sauce at Gastronomic Spain, and have the perfect appetizer with these great Conservas Dani mussels. Buy mussels in scallop sauce and enjoy of the ideal snack. This Spanish product is commonly eaten before lunch as a “tapa”.

Characteristics of the Mussels in Scallop Sauce

The canned mussels in scallop sauce are a marine tinned product really popular in Spain. It comes in an easy-to-open OL-120 can. It is small can that has a net weigh of 106 gr. The mussels inside it come from the Pacific Ocean, the Chile coasts, they are small in size and you may find between 13-18 per can.

The sauce of this mussels although it is called Scallop Sauce, actually is a sauce made with the mussels’ juice, tomatoes, onion and potatoes flour. Visually it has a red and orange colour due to the tomatoes in it, it is a somewhat thick sauce, with a lot of flavour, a nice taste and at the back of the mouth leaves a nice fried touch. With no doubt this is a sauce to dip bread on.

The mussels have a soft texture when cooked to perfection, and in one’s mouth they have a delicate flavour as long as they are perfectly cleaned.

The mussels in scallop sauce are made by the company Conservas Dani. This company is one with lots of experience in the tinned products world, one of their specialties are the marine ones.

The mussels of the Pacific are a great quality mollusc, their size is smaller than the rest of canned mussels. Nevertheless, the recipe to make them is one that creates a delicious dish that everyone enjoys.

Ingredients of the Mussels in Scallop Sauce

The ingredients of the tinned mussels are: mussels, sunflower oil, tomato, onion, salt and spices..

It contains molluscs and it may contain fish.

Enjoy your favourite Spanish food thanks to Gastronomic Spain’s online shop. Taste the Spanish pleasure anywhere in Europe. Free shipping.

106 gr. net weight

65 gr. drained weight


Conservas Dani

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106 gr.
Mussels, sunflower oil, tomato, onion, salt and spices.
May contain fish and crustaceans.
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Conservas Dani

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Mussels in vieira sauce