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Pickled Mussels pack 3

Pack 3
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Calvo Pickled Mussels Pack 3

Calvo Pickled Mussels Pack 3 is one of those extra preserves that are always ideal to have in the pantry, because you will always be short of it. Calvo canned mussels are top-quality Galician moslluscs bathed in a pickled sauce.

These Pickled Mussels are bred and processed in Galicia, and stand out, above all, for their great flavour and excellent quality. Pickled Mussels excel because of their seasoning, giving them and orangey colour, which is very balanced and harmonises perfectly with the molluscs.

Canned Calvo Pickled Mussels are from the Galician estuaries and have been rigorously selected, using totally natural ingredients. They are prepared with a homemade type of marinade so that you can enjoy their exquisite taste, texture and quality.

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Calvo Pickled Mussels ingredients

The ingredients are: Mussels, escabeche sauce (sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavouring).

Gluten-free appetizer, suitable for coeliacs.

Calvo Pickled Mussels from the Galician estuaries characteristics

We offer Pickled Mussels from the Galician estuaries. They have a small average size, as each tin contains between 10 and 14 pieces. They are made with a light brine with hints of bay and a delicate savour. The mussels are perfectly clean, whole and debearded. They are cooked to their ideal point, the pieces are whole and have the perfect consistency, al dente.

In the mouth they have a soft texture, the marinade is balanced, which helps to enhance the taste of this mollusc. Calvo is the benchmark brand for mussels in Spain. They are the best-quality mussels from the Galician estuaries and come in a pack of three individual cans, with a drained weight of 40 gr.

It is an essential appetizer in your pantry, has a long life and will get you out of a lot of trouble. It does not need any preparation, just open and eat, we recommend removing part of the brine when serving. It is ideal as a bite, in fact some people even eat them inside a piece of bread.

Enjoy Pickled Mussels Pack 3

Pickled Mussels Pack 4 is ideal for you to always have some extra canned food in your cupboards, because you will always be short of it.

The canned Pickled Mussels come from the Galician estuaries and have been carefully chosen, using all-natural ingredients. They are made with a traditional homemade pickled sauce so that you can delight in their exquisiteness, consistency and quality.

10-14 pieces of Pickled Mussels

240 gr. net weight

120 gr. drained weight

Pack of 3 cans

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Pack 3
Mussels, pickled sauce (sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavouring).
contains mollusk
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Pickled Mussels pack 3

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