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Piece of Guijuelo Acorn-fed Ham

500 gr.
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Piece of Guijuelo Acorn-fed Ham: 50% Iberian breed

Our piece of acorn-fed Guijuelo ham is 50% Iberian breed. The ham mace is the part where the ham has more meat, it is the main part of the leg, the richest and juiciest, and it contains more lean meat.

Forget about all problems and buy this Iberian acorn-fed ham mace. Perfect and ready to cut thin slices and serve on a plate. *It does not require a ham holder to cut the ham but a good knife.

Piece of Guijuelo Acorn-fed Ham PDO, special for slicing easily

Our piece of acorn-fed Guijuelo PDO ham is perfect for those people who do not have a ham holder or do not want to have their own Iberian ham leg at home. It is a perfect piece for easy and simple slicing. 

It weighs approximately 500 gr. and it is vacuum-packed.

It has excellent characteristics as it comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs and it has been cured for at least 36 months in the cellars of Guijuello, Salamanca. It is also characterised for being the part of the ham with the most meat. It is the main part of the ham, the richest and juiciest, and it contains the most lean meat. 

In addition, its quality is more than guaranteed since it is a product that is protected by the Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin. This means that it acquires the Guijuelo PDO seal, which is in charge of guaranteeing the maximum quality control of the products and the fulfillment of the rigorous specifications imposed by the EU. 

*This type of product requires using a special ham knife to be able to cut ham slices to perfection.

Curing process of the Piece of Guijuelo Acorn-fed Ham 

  1. Salting: Guijuelo has a special weather; long, cold and dry winters, so the ham is less time getting salted and it decreases the concentration of minerals, acquiring a characteristic sweet flavour. Approx. 8-12 days.
  2. Washing: the salt is removed with warm water. Then the ham is molded, shaped and refined. Approx. 1 day. 
  3. Settling: it produces the diffusion of the salt towards its interior. Approx. 90 days.
  4. Curing: the pieces slowly lose humidity, favouring their conservation. It is carried out in drying shed with natural environmental conditions and windows to the outside so that the drying process is carried out perfectly. Approx. BLACK 432 days | RED 432 days | GREEN 288 days.
  5. Aging: the pieces go to the cellar, they are placed in vitola when they meet the established requirements according to: weight, breed and handling. Approx. 800 days.

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Enjoy this incredible Piece of Guijuelo Acorn-fed Ham and taste the typical Spanish Iberian ham from anywhere in Europe. It is a totally Iberian product, perfect for slicing thinly or adding small cubes to your stews to give them a more delicious flavour.

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500 gr. net weight (aprox.)

mace format (thickest part of the ham)


Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin

Nieto Martín


Data sheet

500 gr.
Pork ham, salt and preservatives (E-252 and E-250).
Gluten FREE.
vacuum packed
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