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Acorn fed Iberico Ham



7.500 gr
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Acorn fed Iberico ham is a natural ham that comes from 75% Iberian breed pork which has lived in freedom and have been fed with natural pastures and acorns.

The acorn fed Iberico ham is the best business gift you can make. An acorn Iberico ham is a unique Spanish product that is internationally recognized, and it is valued by everyone. Having an acorn Iberico ham in a corner of the kitchen allows you to cut ham at any time of the day.

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Its infiltrated fat and its delicious flavour have made it one of the most appreciated Iberian hams by Spaniards and foreigners. This ham cannot be considered Jabugo ham, since it is not Designation of Origin. However, it has the red hallmark that guarantees that it is a 75% acorn

Iberian ham 75% breed. In addition, the pork from which the ham has been produced has lived in freedom.

Acorn Iberico ham is more expensive than the Cebo ham, the care that the acorn Iberian pork has had since its birth, the quality of his breed and having a longer curing time, makes it better. Nevertheless, the difference of quality in the Acorn ham is noticeable in the first bite.

7.5 – 8 kg

Acorn Iberian ham leg

*Acorn is the distinctive feature that depends on the pork's breed, and the way they have been fed

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7.500 gr
According to de EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
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7.500 gr

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Acorn fed Iberico Ham