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Spicy Palacios Chorizo

250 gr
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Buy the trendy chorizo: Spicy Chorizo Palacios. This spicy chorizo is ideal for any palate, 100% natural without colorings, preservatives, lactose and gluten free.

Ingredients of Chorizo Palacios Picante: pork, paprika, salt and garlic.

Spicy Palacios Chorizo is perfect for a midday snack and for those who love spicy, even if it is light. But there are more types of chorizos, such as Iberian chorizo from 100% Iberian meat, Spanish chorizo, revilla chorizo or even Cantimpalo chorizo.

What is Spicy Palacios Chorizo?

The Spicy Chorizo of the Palacios brand is a sausage in natural casing. A homemade chorizo made with just 4 ingredients: pork, hot paprika, salt and garlic.

It is a white pork sausage. The Large White, Landrace or Duroc breeds are called white pigs. As a result of the crosses of these breeds and their diet (based on feed), the white chorizo is obtained, the Spanish chorizo par excellence: from where the Palacios chorizo is born.

Can't find a quality, spicy chorizo at a good price? The problem is over because Gastronomic Spain has the solution.

If you are interested in spicy Palacios chorizo or in another type of chorizo, be it white chorizo or Iberian chorizo (which comes from Iberian pigs), click here.

Main characteristics of the spicy chorizo from Palacios

Spicy Palacios chorizo is a quality sausage that reigns in the Spanish gastronomic scene. Among the four ingredients that make spicy chorizo: pork, salt, garlic and paprika, we must highlight the latter since it is a spicy paprika which produces that mild spicy aftertaste.

In addition, it should also be noted that it is a 100% natural chorizo, that is, it does not contain dyes, preservatives, lactose or gluten.

The shape of our spicy chorizo is string, this means that it is a single piece that is tied with a rope at the ends to be able to hang it. It is also known as a horseshoe shape. It comes packed in a protective atmosphere and has a weight of 250 gr. approximately.

Grupo Palacios, a benchmark in the food sector

Our spicy Palacios chorizo comes from Grupo Palacios, a company that opened its doors in 1960 in the town of Albelda de Iregua. Since then, Grupo Palacios has been a benchmark in the food sector as it has a wide range of products, but especially the Embutidos Palacios (sausages Palacios), which opened its doors in 1980, stand out.

Embutidos Palacios is exclusively dedicated to the production of chorizo sarta. That is why it has become a benchmark and they are currently leaders in the string-shaped sausage market.

In addition to our incredible Palacios spicy chorizo, we also offer our own brand's sweet chorizo for those who are not fans of spicy.

Buy the best spicy Palacios Chorizo Online and enjoy it from anywhere in Europe

The types of chorizo that you can find in Gastronomic Spain, both sweet and spicy, are very varied. On the one hand we have the catalog of Iberian chorizo from 100% Iberian meat, while on the other we have white chorizo such as Revilla chorizo or even Cantimpalo chorizo, among many others.

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* From Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping the Chorizo Palacios Picante in a cool and dry place. Once opened, consume within 10 days.

250 gr. net weight (approx)

Packaging in protective atmosphere

Chorizo Palacios

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250 gr
Pork, spicy paprika, salt and garlic. Sausage in natural pig casing
does not contain allergens
vacuum packed
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Spicy Palacios Chorizo

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