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Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra

250 gr
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Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra

The Spicy cured extra chorizo is an excellent example of the high quality of the cold meats in the province of Leon. Made with pork and that spicy point the Spicy cured chorizo is the ideal snack.

Buy cheap spicy cured extra chorizo. A delicious homemade chorizo to eat at any time.

The white chorizo can be a spicy chorizo or sweet. The taste of a chorizo is determined by the paprika used. If we want to obtain a sweet sarta chorizo we will use a sweet paprika, by contrast, if we want a spicy horseshoe chorizo, we will use spicy paprika.

In our online market we have all types of chorizo de cerdo a wide variety of home-made chorizo so you can eat like in Spain.

Our spicy cured extra chorizo is made with the best lean pork meat, bacon and hot paprika. The spicy chorizo is made in the province of León and is one of those Spanish products that we have all in our fridges and pantries. Enjoy a delicious cold meat chorizo at a good price

Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra: what it is and characteristics

The Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra is one of the Spanish sausages par excellence of the gastronomic culture of Spain. At Gastronomic Spain we have a wide variety of chorizo sausages, but our spicy cured extra chorizo stands out for its string format and its spicy touch that characterises it and differentiates it from the rest.

The spicy cured chorizo ‘sarta’ is so called because of the shape of the chorizo itself. Also known as 'chorizo herradura' (horseshoe sausage), it is made in longitudinal pieces which are tied to a string (sarta) at each end to be hung up. After the corresponding curing process, the spicy cured chorizo takes on its traditional 'horseshoe' shape, which is why it is called one way or the other.

In addition to the shape it takes on, our extra cured chorizo is also characterised by being tender, juicy and with that characteristic spicy touch.

It should be noted that, in order to be considered a Spanish chorizo, it must contain:

- Garlic and paprika.

- To be cured in the open air or smoked.

- To Contain minced pork as the main ingredient.

- To be seasoned with spices, mainly paprika.

Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra Ingredients

Pork meat and fat, paprika, salt, garlic, dextrin, dextrose, antioxidant (E-301), oregano, preservative (E-250). Natural pork casing.



*Keep in a cold and dry place.

Spicy Cured Extra Chorizo from Palcarsa

Our spicy chorizo in string format comes from Palcarsa, a company dedicated to the production of high-quality Spanish sausages and cured meats. They are located in the province of León and thanks to their excellent production processes and final products, they have achieved great awards such as The Best Chorizo in the World in 2019, among many others.

Palcarsa has more than 74 years of experience in the meat sector, produces its products in a 100% natural way without Preparation of the Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra preservatives or colourings and is one of the leading companies in Spain.

Preparation of the Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra

1. In the first place, the meat used must be minced. In this case, pork meat and bacon.

2. Secondly, mix and knead them together with the indicated spices.

3. Leave the chorizo to rest and macerate.

4. The chorizo is then stuffed into natural pork casings.

5. Next comes the curing process, where the sausages are tied up and they are exposed to the air in suitable places so that it acquires all the relevant characteristics.

6. Finally, it is vacuum packed and Gastronomic Spain will ship it to you anywhere Europe.

Buy Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra at a fair price, a delicious to eat at any place

At our online market, we have all types of pork chorizo, a wide variety of artisan chorizo so you can eat like in Spain.

Our spicy cured chorizo extra is made with the best lean pork, bacon and spicy paprika. And you can enjoy it from any city in Europe thanks to the free shipping that Gastronomic Spain offers you.

Your online store of Spanish food at a fair price and with the best quality so you feel like you are at Spain.

250gr. net weight (approximately)

format: whole piece

vacuum packed


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Data sheet

250 gr
Pork meat and fat, paprika, salt, garlic, dextrin, dextrose, antioxidant (E-301), oregano, preservative (E-250). Natural pork casing.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
vacuum packed
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net weight
250 gr

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Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra

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