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Sliced Pamplona Chorizo

200 gr
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Buy a cheap sliced chorizo from Pamplona:

We present to you a chorizo from Pamplona cut in thin slices and packed in a vacuum. It has a weight of 200 gr and is made by the brand La Pamplonica, a role model in the production of this type of cold meats. At Gastronomic Spain, we have a wide offer of traditional chorizos, both Iberian and white pork ones, perfect for a snack and a sandwich.

Characteristics of La Pamplonica chorizo from Navarra:

La Pamplonica chorizo is traditional from Navarra, made with pork meat and veal. We present it to you in a 200 gr format, cut in thin slices and previously skinned.

It is a chorizo with a big width. It comes from pieces of 1.8 kg, which are stuffed in synthetic skin. The slice has a diameter of 7-8 cm. Visually, the rind of the chorizo has a deep red color. Once it is cut, the slice is very characteristic, since in comparison to the majority of chorizos, the minced of the lean and the fat is very thin, mixing in which the fat has a subtle appearance. On the inside, it has a deep red color with a pale white spotted.

It has a soft taste on the mouth, not spicy, since it is made with sweet paprika. The texture is soft, since for the width the pieces have, their curing is relatively short. It is a sweet chorizo perfect to put on a sandwich. Perfect for the snack, a taste that the little ones love. Among the different types of chorizo, the chorizo from Pamplona is the most popular one. A chorizo with a lot of tradition and more than enough well-known in Spain.

Ingredients of Pamplonica chorizo:

The ingredients are: pork meat, salt, paprika, powdered milk, dextrine, sugar, dextrose, garlic, stabilizing (E-451i and E-452ii), spices, antioxidants (E-316, E-331), extract of rosemary and colorant (woodlouse carmine).

It contains lactose and dairy proteins. Gluten-free.

If you are looking for a chorizo from Pamplona to eat on a sandwich, this is your product. If on the contrary you want another type of white pork chorizo, I advise you to visit our catalog. We have all types of traditional chorizo so that you can enjoy the Spanish food as if you were in Spain. This Spanish chorizo is the one the little ones love the most at snack time. A perfect sweet chorizo for a Spanish chorizo sandwich.

200 gr

Sliced Chorizo from Pamplona

La Pamplonica

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Data sheet

200 gr
lean Iberian pork meat, salt, cayenne (pimentón), natural spices, maturation regulators (lactose, dextrine, dextrose), stabilisers (sodium caseinate E-450 a,b), preservatives (E-252)
contains lactose
vacuum packed
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200 gr
La Pamplonica

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Sliced Pamplona Chorizo

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