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White Sangría Lolea

75 cl
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Lolea No. 2 A very Spanish white sangria

Clarea, that is the name of this white wine sangria, with a lot of art, freshness and joy. A unique description for our white sangria Lolea No. 2.

Refresh yourself with our white sangria Lolea No. 2 made with top ingredients such as white wine from the Airón and Moscatel grapes. Natural orange and lemon juice and a pinch of vanilla give the final touch to this very Spanish artisan white sangria.

Do you know what is White Sangría Lola Nº2?

White sangría Lolea Nº2 is a cultural referent in Spain. It’s a sagría made of white wine, Mediterranean citrus and a special touch of vanilla – a unique drink!

White sangría Lolea Nº2 is not pasteurized to preserve all the characteristics of the wine. It also stands out for its carbonic touch that provides the freshness and joy. Therefore, in Gastronomic Spain we recommend drinking the white sangria Lolea Nº2 very cold, with ice and, with slices of citrus, pineapple, strawberry or mint, as desired. 

White sangría is very popular in Spain and it’s perfect to drink it with your usual appetizer or vermouth. If you want to become the perfect host, don’t hesitate to pour this white wine Lolea Nº2 to your guests. Also available Lolea Nº1.

White Sangría Nº2 Qualities 

White sangría Lolea Nº2 is characterized by:

- Having its own personality: clear, clean, luminous and attractive, with light effervescence of fine and constant bubbles.

- Balanced and elegant: it maintains the essence of fresh wine, with a touch of vanilla, jasmine and apricot. A perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

- With a frizzy touch and using white wine from Macabeoa and Airén grapes

- Alcohol content 7% vol.

- We also have to mention the iconic bottle of the Lolea brand. The polka dots are key in their brand because they refer to the Spanish classic but also to fashion and art

Notes of the Lolea Nº2 tasting:

It has a pale-yellow color, the sangría shows aromas of citrus fruits with a hint of vanilla. Lolea Nº2 brings to the palate hints of jasmine, apricot and loquat and unfolds its subtle sweetness.

We recommend responsible drinking.

Recommendations for serving White Sangría Lolea Nº2

To enjoy its full potential, it’s recommended to serve it very cold, in a tall or wine glass. With lots of ice and accompanied by citrus fruits such as pineapple or strawberries. And if we add a touch of mint, it would be perfect. 

White Sangría Lolea Nº2 ingredients:

White wine, sparkling water, sugar, acidulant (citric acid), natural vanilla flavor, concentrated orange and lemon juices, natural cinnamon flavor.

Contains sulfites.

Buy White Sangría Lolea Nº2 online and at great price 

You don’t have to come to Spain to taste this delicious white sangría Lolea Nº2, in Gastronomic Spain online store you can find Lolea Nº2 at a great price and from anywhere in Europe. 

Cool off with this Spanish white sangría and surprise your friends with a refreshing glass of Lolea Nº2 and its citric touches.

75 cl.

7% vol.

Lolea Nº2


Data sheet

75 cl
Spanish white wine (grapes Airón, Moscatel), carbonated water, sugar, orange juice, lemon juice, citric acid, natural fruit and vanilla aromas
contains sulphites

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White Sangría Lolea