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Spanish Sangria Lolea Nº1

75 cl
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Lolea No. 1, a frizzing Spanish sangria elaborated with red wine

The Spanish Sangria Lolea No. 1 is part of our nature, our history, and overall, it brings us memories of summer, party, and sun. The Spanish Sangria Lolea No.1 is a frizzing drink elaborated with red wine from Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes varieties, with a cherry red colour and an intense and pleasant aroma.

Our Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1 is handmade with a lot of love, with an excellent quality red wine and natural juices. If it is served very cold with lemon or orange, or even more daring with basil. Buy Lolea No. 1 at Gastronomic Spain.

What is the Spanish Sangria Lolea No. 1? 

Our Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1 is a traditional and artisan sangria. This drink is typical from Spain, and it is made with a lot of love and art, just as the bottle where it is presented (famous for its polka dots). 

This sangria is elaborated with red wine from different grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, these two varieties are one of the most popular and known around the world. Moreover, the Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1 goes with natural juices of lemon and orange, Mediterranean citrus and with a touch of cinnamon. It is an incredible beverage!

This Spanish Sangria Lolea No. 1 is so popular, and it is perfect to serve at the appetizer or vermut time. If you want to be acclaimed by your friends, do not hesitate, and serve this Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1 of red wine at your next meeting. Also available Lolea No. 2.

Tasting notes of Lolea No. 1 

The Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1 has a light cherry colour with fine and constant bubbles. Its flavour is balanced, refreshing with a frizzing touch thanks to the carbonated part. 

We recommend a responsible consumption. 

Due to its low alcoholic graduation and its refreshing flavour of the Spanish Sangria Lolea No. 1 can be drunken at noon as well as in the afternoon or at night, it will always be a right choice. 

Spanish Sangría Lolea No. 1 Characteristics

The Spanish sangria Lolea No.1 of red wine is characterized by: 

- Having its own personality: clear, clean, luminous, attractive and with a slight effervescence of fine and constant bubbles. 

- Intense and pleasant aroma: it maintains the essence of the fresh wine, with cherry notes, orange peel, lemon caramel and acid strawberry. 

- With a frizzing touch and using a red wine of the grape varieties of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon

- Degree of alcohol 7%vol.

- You cannot miss this opportunity to make a reference to this iconic bottle of the brand Lolea. Its polka dots are the key to their brand, and it is a Spanish classical reference, but also to the fashion and art

Spanish Sangría Lolea No. 1 Buy Online with delivery all over Europe

Our Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1 is the perfect cocktail, it is a reference to the sun, beach and also essential at the long summer nights. It is a drink to serve cold, with ice and some lemon or orange. You can also try it out with peaches, strawberries, or basil. You will be amazed! 

If you want to know how you can feel when you try our Spanish sangria Lolea No. 1, place your order at Gastronomic Spain and buy your sangria Lolea at the best price and in any place all over Europe. 



7% vol.

Lolea Nº1

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Data sheet

75 cl
Red wine (Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties), carbonated water, sugar, acidulant (citric acid), concentrated orange and lemon juices, natural aroma of cinnamon.
Contains sulphites

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Spanish Sangria Lolea Nº1