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Razorclams Extra

110 gr.
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Razorclams Extra au Naturel with all the freshness and flavour from the Galician Rias

The Razor clams au Naturel from the Galician Rias are an exquisite delicatessen from Galicia. These natural razor clams will make you fall in love by its mild flavour and juiciness.

Razor clams are a marine bivalve that belongs to the Solenaceae family. They can be eaten in many forms, such as raw razor clams, gently cooked lemon razor clams, steamed razor clams, grilled razor clams, etc. Undoubtedly, the most common way is to eat razor clams au naturel and if it is the razor clams from the Rias Gallegas, even better.

A delicious, easy to eat and exquisite snack.

What are the razorclams extra from the Rias Gallegas?

The razor clams are a best-known seafood appetizer in northern Spain. Specifically, razor clams are bivalve molluscs characterized by their elongated and arched valves.

Our razor clams au Naturel come from the Galician Rias, and they are an authentic delicatessen. The razor clams are meaty and juicy and have a mild and pleasant flavour. The razor clams extra from the Rias are of medium calibre and there are 6/8 pieces per can.

The natural razor clams are preserved in an artisanal way, without added preservatives or dyes. This delicatessen is only made with the best raw material to guarantee a high quality product.

Canned razorclams extra characteristics

Our canned razor clams from the Galician Rias belong to the Solenaceae family and the Ensis genus. It has a length between 7 and 15 cm. This species usually lives on the seabed and buried in the sand, where it digs vertical holes.

Among its most outstanding characteristics, razor clams au naturel stand out for their low amount of fat. In addition, containing vitamins from group A, B and D.

But the main characteristic of our razor clams is that they come from the Galician Rias, where the best specimens are selected, subjected to a sand removal process and manually canned.

Razorclams extra from the Mariscadora

Our razor clams come in a canned preserved format from the brand Mariscadora.

Founded in 1966 as Costas y Miñán SL, to date it has been a Spanish company specializing in the production of canned fish and shellfish from the best extraction areas of the Galician Rias. This company is located in Cambados, a town located in the heart of Galicia to guarantee all the flavour of the sea.

Natural Razorclams from the Galician Rias Ingredients

Razor clams, water, salt.

*From Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping the razorclams in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours.

Purchase Natural Razorclams Extra from the Galician Rias and enjoy the pleasure of the sea from any city in Europe

Serve our razorclams as an appetizer or starter, and if you want, add a touch of lemon. They are also a surprising ingredient for seafood dishes, they throw in all the flavor of the sea.

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6/8 portions of natural razorclams

110 gr. net weight

63 gr. drained weight


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110 gr.
Razorclams, water, salt
Contains mollusk
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Razorclams Extra