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Cheetos balls - Green Cheetos

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Buy Cheetos Balls online and enjoy Green cheetos in anywhere in Europe

The Cheetos Balls - Green Cheetos is a classic snack among the little ones, and not so little ones!

It is a typical Spanish aperitif flavored with cheese that falls on any palate. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, Cheetos Balls are perfect any time of the day.

If you live outside of Spain, in a corner of Europe and want to savor one of the quintessential snacks of Spanish gastronomy again, consult the Gastronomic Spain catalog and enjoy Cheetos Balls, as well as many other types of Cheetos, Like the red cheetos or cheetos pandilla, all of them with free shipping to all of Europe. you can check all the spanish snacks here.

What are Cheetos Pelotazos Matutano

Los Cheetos Pelotazos - Cheetos balls is a cheese-flavored baked corn snack, the main ingredient is corn grits. They are called cheetos balls because they have a rounded shape and with drawings similar to soccer balls. It has an orange color and a hard consistency, which produces a crunch in the mouth. They are possibly the favorite Cheetos snacks around the world. They are produced only in Spain.

One of the most frequent questions asked by our consumers is whether the cheetos are suitable for celiacs. The cheetos balls do not contain gluten, they may contain traces of Soy but in no case do they contain gluten.

Cheetos Pelotazos are part of the Matutano family, the manufacturer of snacks par excellence in Spain. Matutano offers a very varied catalog of snacking products that you can find in Gastronomic Spain: a variety of Cheetos, nuts of all colors, as well as the famous Lay's potatoes.

Buying Cheetos Pelotazos is very easy thanks to Gastronomic Spain and its shipping throughout Europe. Do not let them tell you!

Characteristics of the Cheetos Balls

The name already indicates it, the Cheetos Balls are a small balls of baked corn with a cheese flavor.

It is a well-known snack, both for its incredible flavor and for its peculiar shape. In addition, Cheetos balls green are characterized by being crunchy but at the same time they melt in your mouth. There is no greater pleasure!

Combine the Cheetos Balls with other typical Spanish appetizers and feel the Spanish pleasure again: canned seafood, Spanish cheeses, olives or the best cold tapas in Spain such as gazpacho.

Green cheetos ingredients

73% corn grits, corn oil, lactose cheese flavoring, flavoring substances, whey powder, flavor enhancers monosodium glutamate, inosinate, disodium guanylate, smoke flavorings], sugar, salt, colorants (vegetable concentrate, paprika extract, annatto)

Cheetos balls can travel all over Europe

Our Cheetos Balls travel all over Europe. Countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark or Finland, among many others, are the countries where you can buy Cheetos Pelotazos online and with free shipping from orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99, depending on the country.

The Pelotazos bag that is available at Gastronomic Spain is 130 gr. and it is perfect to surprise your European friends.

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Cheetos Pelotazos

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130 gr

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Cheetos balls - Green Cheetos