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Cheetos Sticks - Red Cheetos

96 gr.
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Red Cheetos Sticks flavored with cheese and ketchup

The Cheetos Sticks, the usual irresistible ones, the old ones, the most delicious. This is how Matutano's Cheetos Sticks are flavored with cheese and ketchup. But we also have many other Cheetos products available on our website.

Run they fly!

What are Red Cheetos Sticks?

Red Cheetos Sticks are a classic from our childhood. It is a product that appeared in the 90s with its excellent ketchup flavor. From that day on, Red  Cheetos Sticks have arrived, and it was to stay. The cheetos sticks sticks, have an orange color and the shape of a cane of about 4.5 cm. Unlike gustosines, they are larger and have a much crunchier texture.

The typical red Cheetos are very popular for their flavor. It is an original and irresistible aperitif. Very tasty!

Red Cheetos Sticks characteristics

As you can see in the image, the Cheetos Sticks are red sticks made up of cheese and ketchup. They are characterized by being crunchy snacks with an intense flavor, but at the same time soft that melt in the mouth.

Red Cheetos Sticks Main Ingredients

Corn semolina (33%), corn oil, potato flakes, WHEAT flour (17%), cheese and ketchup flavoring [LACTOSE, flavoring substances, sugar, flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate and guanylate), whey from MILK powder, cheese powder (from MILK), sweetener (aspartame), spices], rice flour (1.7%), maltodextrin, salt, color (paprika extract). may contain soy.

Other types of Cheetos Matutano

Cheetos is a brand of cheesy cornmeal snacks and snacks, owned by Matutano and PepsiCo. A company dedicated to the production of appetizers and snacks.

In addition to Cheetos Sticks, there are also a variety of other types of Cheetos flavored with cheese. Among them we find: the famous Cheetos Rizos, Cheetos Pelotazos, Cheetos Pandilla or the Cheetos Gustosines. Discover them in our catalog.

Buy Cheetos Sticks online with shipping throughout Europe

Cheetos Sticks, nothing like them. They are perfect to liven up any barbecue Sunday in the sun and a cool beer or soft drink as a side. You sign up?

Enjoy the best typical Spanish appetizers such as Lay's potatoes, the variety of Cheetos or the dried fruits so characteristic of our country. And discover the more than 1000 products available on our website and typical of Spanish gastronomy that can be yours from any corner of Europe.

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Cheetos Sticks

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Cheetos Sticks - Red Cheetos