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Frayulas in Oil

420 gr
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Our frayulas in Oil are made from white fish surimi. Rich and tasty with high nutritional value.

They are obtained by surimi, shredding white fish fillets with which a paste is formed and seasonings are added until it imitates shellfish.

The frayulas are increasingly used in restaurants and combined in different types of dishes, such as scrambled eggs with eel and prawns.

The frayulas, with a mild flavor and affordable price

Our rich and tasty frayulas will leave you with your mouth open. Also known as gulas, they are considered one of the most special delicacies of Spanish gastronomy, especially on the North coast.

Frayulas are small delicacies with a mild flavor that have the ideal consistency and flavor to surprise even the most demanding palates.

This rich food called gulas is made using white fish surimi and is characterized by being 8 cm long, with fine elements and a greyish-white color. In addition, our frayulas (gulas) from La Fragua come in a 420 gr glass jar. (net weight) and preserved in oil.

A delight that can surprise more than one!

Origin of the frayulas

The appearance of frayulas was due to the high costs of elvers, so frayulas were created and elaborated as an alternative to elvers through surimi and in this way they have the similar resemblance to elvers, although they are not the same.

This was a Japanese invention with thousands of years, which comes from the practice of Japanese fishermen to exploit fish with little output. If you are looking for another type of surimi. In other words, it is a delicacy steeped in history.

Characteristics of the frayulas

The frayulas are made from surimi or also known as white fish. The substitute product for eels, the eel fingerling fish, is considered.

Our frayulas are also known as gulas, although the latter name is protected by a trademark. Despite this, it is a food recognized as gulas.

It is a very traditional product of the gastronomy of Vizcaya and Guipúzcua, but its popularity has spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Benefits of surimi frayulas

The benefits of gulas are varied and with many ideal properties for our body.

First of all, gulas can provide us with a large amount of proteins, especially those of high functional and digestible value. In addition, it also has a high level of amino acids and is low in fat and cholesterol.

Without a doubt, frayulas is a very rich food if you know how to combine it. In Gastronomic Spain, in addition to offering you gulas at an incredible price, you can also enjoy the excellent garlic frayulas, as well as the delicious scrambled eggs with eel and prawns or other appetizers from the sea. Do not hesitate to consult our catalog.

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Our eels, in addition to being a typical Spanish delicacy, is a very economical product that can save you on more than one occasion: dinner with friends, a Sunday aperitif or to accompany a good wine.

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420 gr. net weight

220 gr. drained weight

glass jar

La Fragua

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Data sheet

420 gr
Sunflower oil, elver surimi (white fish, water, modified corn starch, sunflower oil, salt, egg albumin, stabilisers: E-401, E-407 and E-410, crab flavouring: E-621, E-627 and E-631, sugar, squid ink, preservative: E-202, white pepper), garlic powder and cayenne (hot chilli pepper).
Contains fish, egg, crab flavouring and squid ink. May contain traces of gluten and milk.
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net weight
420 gr
La Fragua

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Frayulas in Oil

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