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Santoña Anchovies

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Buy Anchovies from Santoña online, a product from the Cantabrian Sea

Anchovy is Bocarte subjected to a salting process and, later filleted and preserved in olive oil. This process can also be called ‘’ Anchored ’’, having the only ingredients necessary for this process: salt and olive oil. Among all the anchovies, Santoña anchovies stand out for their quality. Some anchovy fillets, carefully selected and cleaned with a lot of the same, that make this salted anchovy a jewel.

What are Anchovies from Santoña?

Santoña anchovies (anchoas de Santoña), also known as Cantabrian anchovies, are one of the most special and delicious appetizers in Spanish cuisine.

Anchovy is a type of blue fish called Bocarte. It receives the scientific name of Engraulis encrasicolus and it measures between 15-20 cm long. Bocarte abounds throughout the year in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Atlantic coast of Africa and Europe (from South Africa to southern Norway). But its fishing stands out, above all, on the Cantabrian coast of Spain.

Santoña is a town located on the coast of Cantabria. In the Middle Ages, Santoña was known as Puerto or Puerto de Santoña since it is a municipality that borders the Cantabrian Sea and its economic activity is based exclusively on fishing activity and the canning industry.

Among this fishing activity, anchovies stand out, caught only in this locality and, therefore, selected, processed and preserved in Santoña.

Characteristics of Santoña anchovies in olive oil

Our anchovies from Santoña are made in a traditional way in the fishing village of Santoña and thanks to their artisanal process according to the techniques of the Italian masters of the art of salting and together with their deep knowledge about the quality of anchovies, they make this aperitif. a marvel.

In addition, anchovies from Santoña stand out for:

  • It is a fish from the market.
  • It is packed in crown.
  • It is at the right point of maturity.
  • Follow artisan processes meticulously.
  • It is packed with the best olive oils.

It should be noted that Santoña anchovies have an intense flavor and a perfect point of salt. Its texture is very meaty, with a deep and wild flavor, packed in the format of anchovy fillets from Santoña, well ordered and of a homogeneous size, always whole and clean of thorns.

Santoña Anchovies and its production process

Santoña anchovies follow a very marked and strict production process so that this Cantabrian fish stands out for its best guarantees.

  1. Capture and selection of anchovies: they use sustainable fishing techniques during the spring months, a time when the bocarte has a better fat balance that makes it suitable for its preservation.
  2. Heading, gutting and salting: when arriving at the factory, the heading and gutting is carried out manually. Subsequently, it is introduced into barrels of salt and dehydrated through the dam on top of great weight. Process called salting, minimum of 6 months.
  3. Removal of the skin and salt: each of the anchovies is cleaned by hand to be damaged and giving fruit to higher quality fillets.
  4. Three waters and drying: the anchovy is passed through three different barrels to eliminate the remains of salt. It is rolled up in cloths and placed in machines to remove any remaining water.
  5. Cleaning: The tail of the anchovy is cut, the spine is removed, the fillets are separated and the spines are removed.
  6. Packaging and labeling: place the anchovies in the corresponding format, put in oil and pack.

Properties of Santoña anchovies (anchoas de Santoña)

Anchovy is a blue fish that has beneficial properties for our body.

Its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids stands out, since it helps to reduce the body's lipids so that it does not accumulate in our arteries.

On the other hand, it is a source of vitamins, rich in protein and without many calories. As well as its important mineral contribution: iodine, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Santoña anchovies have very beneficial nutritional properties. Reason why it is considered a perfect superfood for an aperitif or to season our dishes.

Silvia Canned Anchovies

Conservas Silvia is a company dedicated to professional fishing for anchovies and other fish. Since its inception in 1978, they have worked with the best canners, getting to know the secrets of processing and manufacturing in their smallest details.

Conservas Silvia is the first company in the Santoña industry to implement a quality plan and approve it in the European Union. This plan involves product controls and full quality guarantees.

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Santoña Anchovies