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Ventresca of Tunfish

110 gr.
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Tunish ventresca is a part of the tuna, located in the inferior part of the fish, in close area to the head. The name Ventresca is due to its proximity to the belly of the fish.

This part of the tuna is usually sold canned due to its preservation capacity, whereas fresh tuna is usually consumed in appetizers or cooked in the oven.

In particular, the pieces of light tuna ventresca in sunflower oil that we offer in Gastronomic Spain are perfect and ideal for salads, although they can also be used in many other recipes, always according to the consumer's taste!

Both the tuna ventresca and the white tuna can be found in pieces depending on the size, as well as canned tuna ventresca in sunflower oil. Both products plus the other 800 that Gastronomic Spain offers can be found in our online store.

Tuna Ventresca Qualities

Our tuna ventresca in sunflower oil is one of the most demanded products in our country. The name Ventresca is due to its proximity to the belly of the fish. Although it’s also known as ventrisca o ventrecha depending on the geographic area.

The ingredients of the ventresca are: light tuna belly (65%), sunflower oil and salt. Prepared, ready and straight to your plate.

The tuna ventresca in sunflower oil has a great price and is characterized by its delicacy. Its proportion in fat provides an intense, fine and delicate flavor, as well as its gelatinous meat is perfect for preparing any appetizer or to accompany a main dish.

*From Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping the Tuna Belly in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated in an airtight, non-metallic container for a maximum of 2 days.

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Canned tuna ventresca

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110 gr.
Tuna belly (fish) 34% sunflower oil and salt
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Ventresca of Tunfish