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Asturian Black Pudding

200 gr.
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Buy Asturian Black Pudding in Gastronomic Spain

Asturian black pudding is available in Gastronomic Spain. A type of back pudding elaborated in Asturias and very well-known in the Spanish typical gastronomy. The Asturian black pudding has a characteristic flavour and is a very popular product in the northern Spain stews. For example, “fabada asturiana” (or Asturian stew) is one of the most typical and traditional recipes of the Spanish food, that includes the Asturian black pudding as one of the main ingredients of this traditional dish.

The Palcarsa Asturian black pudding must be fried so it reaches the perfect flavour. Nevertheless, griddled black pudding is also delicious. Buy at a good price your Asturian black pudding and enjoy its delightful flavour from any European city thanks to the FREE shipping which Gastronomic Spain offer.

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Asturian black pudding is a type of Spanish sausage very typical of Asturias and very well known in Spanish gastronomy. Although its most popular use is in 'fabada asturiana' (Asturian stew) as one of the main ingredients, which gives it an exceptional flavour, it is also used in other traditional dishes or simply grilled with bread.

Asturian black pudding is one of the most popular products in the stews of northern Spain, together with 'compango', which is also very typical of Asturias.

Asturian black pudding is a dark, almost black sausage with a smoky aroma. A product that brings intensity and a lot of flavour to the palate and to the dishes it is introduced into.

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Ingredients of the Asturian black pudding

Pork bacon, onion, paprika, pig's blood, salt, preservative (E-250). Wrapped in natural pork casing.

Lactose and gluten FREE.

*Recommended to be consumed cooked.

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200 gr.
Pork bacon, onion, paprika, pig's blood, salt, preservative (E-250). Natural pork casing.
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vacuum packed
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Asturian Black Pudding

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