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Sherry Vinegar Reserva 20

375 ml
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Sherry Vinegar Reserva 20, made with American oak barrels

Andalusian character, with 20 years of tradition. Sherry vinegar Reserva 20, with Protected Designation of Origin and the Capirete 20 brand, is an unmistakable vinegar, with a powerful aroma and nuances reminiscent of vanilla, nuts and pickled wood.

The sherry vinegar Reserva 20 has aged 20 years in American oak barrels, it is an extraordinary vinegar with a high degree of concentration and an exquisite flavour. Ideal to combine will all kinds of recipes: dressings, sauces, meat, fish, etc.

Sherry Vinegar Reserva 20 of Jerez with Protected Designation of Origin

The sherry vinegar Reserva 20 that we have available at Gastronomic Spain is a type of vinegar with its own Protected Designation of Origin.

It is a vinegar that has used a type of vessel for aging on American oak barrels with an age of 20 years. It is made in a traditional way using the system known as “criadera y solera”, a method of aging wine, rum and brandy that is used in the specificic Designation of Origin of Jerez and Montilla-Moriles, located in Spain.

In fact, the origin of sherry wine lies in the region known as Marco de Jerez. Surrounded by the hills of white earth and a climate of more than 300 days of sunshine, with humidity that is supplied by the winds from the Atlantic coast.

It should be pointed out that our sherry vinegar Reserva 20 comes from the Capirete 20 brand, made by José Páez Lobato.

Sherry vinegar Reserva 20 characteristics

The Vinegar is made with Palomino grapes, a very traditional variety typical of the Jerez area.

Our sherry vinegar Reserva 20 has a deep mahogany brown colour with amber reflections.

Its aroma is unmistakable, powerful and with nuances of nuts, wood and vanilla.

Its flavour is acid and drying and reminds us of its origins: Jerez.

This excellent sherry vinegar Reserva 20 combines with a large number of dishes. It is the perfect ingredient for sauces or dressings, and it is perfect to give the special touch to an Andalusian salmorejo or a gazpacho, as well as cold soups.

Sherry Vinegar Reserva 20 through the “Criaderas y Soleras” system:

Step 1: the vinegar is extracted from the row of barrels located on the ground. It is what is called solera and contains the oldest vinegars.

Step 2: the vinegar from the extracted solera is replaced by younger vinegars from the row of casks inmediately above: the first criadera.

Step 3: the previous operation is repeated with the vinegar obtained from the third row of boots, the second row, and so on.

Where to use sherry vinegar Reserva 20?

The sherry vinegar Reserva 20 is a very versatile seasoning to use in different recipes.

- Pasta and vegetables: thanks to its aroma, it can be an incredible match, just as many of the recipes related to the Mediterranean diet.

- Appetizers and salads: with its moderate acidity, its intensity and perfume, it will increase the pleasant freshness to the palate.

- Meat and stew: based on sauce reductions, it can season meat to perfection, just as give it a special touch of aroma and flavour to the stews.

- Fish and seafood: sherry vinegar Reserva 20 is ideal for fishes such as mackerel, as well as marinades and escabeche.

- Desserts: essential to get a good caramel.

Although it does not seem, the sherry vinegar Reserva 20 of Jerez is used more than we think. It is an authentic Spanish product, very delicious and with top quality.

Are you interested in buying sherry vinegar Reserva 20 from Jerez?

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A perfect sherry vinegar and ready to season your favourite dishes. That is the objective of this sherry vinegar from Jerez, to enhance even more the flavours.

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375 ml.

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Capirete 20

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375 ml
Vinegar of the grape variety: palomina.
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Sherry Vinegar Reserva 20