Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenz

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The sweet Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez has aged 4 years in oak barrel. It is high quality vinegar with a sweet, soft and smooth taste.

375 ml

The Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez is sweet vinegar with the quality distinction of D.O.P. Vinagre de Jerez. The vinegar is made by the traditional 'criaderas y solera' system and aged for 4 years in American oak barrel.

To elaborate our Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez grapes from the varieties palomino and pedro ximenez are used. Both varieties are very typical and traditional varieties of the Jerez region in Andalusia where the vinegar is produced.

The vinegar presents a dark mahogany brown colour; it is full bodied and slightly dense. The aromas are severe and remind of raisins and liquorice. On the palate the vinegar is sweet with a soft and smooth taste.

The Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez is perfect to add the special touch to your bush meat, fish or vegetables. It is a good base for sauces, dressings or reductions and because of its sweetness it can be used in desserts.

375 ml

  • Ingredients: sherry vinegar, vine from pedro ximenez grapes, colouring (E-150d), antioxidante (E-220)
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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