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Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez

375 ml
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Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez, sweet variety

Add some rock & roll to your dishes with this sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez, an authentic Spanish sherry vinegar with a sweet, soft, and creamy personality. This sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez is aged 4 years in American oak barrels.

It is a vinegar with Protected Designation of Origin of Jerez, and it is perfect to sweeten your favourite dishes. Ideal to an infinite of recipes: meat, fishes, deserts, sauces…

Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez from Capirete

The sherry vinegar Pedro Ximenez is a sweet vinegar with Protected Designation of Origin from Jerez. This sherry vinegar Pedro Ximenez has an aging age of 4 years in American oak barrels.

This PX sherry vinegar comes from the brand Capirete, from the producer José Páez Lobato. Specialized in the production of sherry vinegar for more than 60 years.

What does American oak barreal mean?

The American oak barrel is a tool for the production, aging and storage of wines and other beverages. Unlike French oak barrels, American barrels are more compact and have fewer pores in the oak.

The American oak barrel is characterized by being more resistant, hard and waterproof.

Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez characteristics

The sweet vinegar Pedro Ximenez with PDO is characterized by being very versatile, it can be paired with a lot of dishes. It is perfect to give a speial touch to meat, fish and vegetables. Its perfect pairing can be as a base of a sauce and as a dressing, it can be used in deserts too.

It is characterized by being a deep dark mahogany colour that accentuates the body and density.

With a sharp aroma that highlights the evocation of raisined fruits, such as roasted or licorice.

Its pleasant sweetness to the palate is the key that defines the sherry vinegar Pedro Ximenez, combined with its soft and creamy flavour.

Grape variety used: Palomino + Pedro Ximenez.

- Palomino: it is the queen variety in the Marco de Jerez. It is identified in the albariza soil, under the climate of the area and is farmed using techniques developed by the viticulturist.

- Pedro Ximénez: another very outstanding variety in the Marco de Jerez. Due to its high level of acidity, it provides sweet wines of the highest quality. It is subjected to “soleo” to concentrate the sugar content of the grape itself.

It should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight and keep tightly closed when not used.

Normally it should be used in small quantities due to the high concentration of acidity and aromas. And it is made using the traditional “criaderas y solera” system.

Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximénez through the “Criaderas y Soleras” system:

Step 1: the vinegar is extracted from the row of barrels located on the ground. It is what is called solera and contains the oldest vinegars.

Step 2: the vinegar from the extracted solera is replaced by younger vinegars from the row of casks inmediately above: the first criadera.

Step 3: the previous operation is repeated with the vinegar obtained from the third row of boots, the second row, and so on.

Buy sherry vinegar Pedro Ximénez, a sweet vinegar to use in your best dishes

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Capirete PX

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375 ml
Vinegar from the grape variety: palomina + Pedro Ximénez.
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Sherry Vinegar Pedro Ximenez