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Vermut Zarro Red 3 L.

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Buy online Red Vermut Zarro of 3 liters

The Vermouth of Madrid Zarro Rojo is a classic companion for aperitifs: olives, potatoes, etc. It is ocher in color with orange hues, its own herbal aroma and an incredible and explosive flavor.

Enjoy it thanks to Gastronomic Spain from anywhere in Europe.

Buy online the vermouth Zarro red 3 liters at a good price

When we talk about Zarro vermouth, we are talking about the quintessential Madrid vermouth. Buy online the Zarro red vermouth in 3-liter format. Ideal to enjoy at home or in meetings with friends. This is one of the vermouths that you like so much and that is so difficult to find outside of Spain. Gastronomic Spain offers you the possibility of enjoying FREE shipping throughout Europe.

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Characteristics of the Red Zarro Vermouth

Zarro's special red vermouth is presented in a 3-liter bag with a tap that facilitates consumption. You do not have to remove the bag from the box, with an easy movement the tap is activated. The alcoholic graduation of this drink is 15% vol. alcoholic.

The special red Zarro vermouth is made from white grapes of the Tempranillo variety. It has a sugar concentration of between 50 and 90 grams per liter, which is why it is considered a semi-dry vermouth. Surely by now, you already know that most vermouths are made from white wine, the reddish color turning black is obtained by the caramelized sugar that is used in its preparation. The blacker the vermouth, the more sugar it contains

Tasting of Zarro red vermouth.

The Red Zarro Vermouth has a wide and intense nose tasting of the herbs used in its preparation. In the mouth it has different explosions of flavor, a fleshy, wide sensation, leaving a long, pleasant and persistent finish on the palate.

Color of Zarro red vermouth.

The special Zarro red vermouth has a dark red color with orange hues.

The history of vermu Zarro

Zarro vermouth is one of the most consumed vermouths in Spain. It has its origin in Madrid in 1968, at that time the usual thing was the sale of vermouth to serve it on tap, as if it were beer. Since then they have been expanding the catalog of vermouths developing special vermouths, such as organic, tavern and Limited Edition.

Consumption of Vermu Zarro

The special red Zarro vermu is ideal to take as an aperitif, before eating. It is usually taken alone or combined with soda, orange fanta or even coca cola.

The special red Vermu marina very well with the most popular appetizers and tapas of our gastronomy, such as: olives, banderillas, fried potatoes and Iberian ham. It goes well with both meat and fish. Ideal to take with some anchovies, mussels and some good squid.

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Vermut Zarro Red 3 L.