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Soda Pop La Casera 1.5 L.

1.5 l
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Soda Pop La Casera 1.5L is a Mediterranean soft drink, transparent like water but with bubbles. The soda has a sparkling touch that will refresh you from head to toe. This bubbly soda is also known as soda and is made with carbonated water.

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What is Soda Pop La Casera 1.5L?

Soda Pop La Casera (Gaseosa La Casera) is the typical drink of the Mediterranean area. It is a light soda with bubbles and transparent like water.

La Casera 1.5L soda will brighten our day with that sparkling touch caused by carbonated water. It is a refreshing drink and perfect to accompany any meal with your family or friends.

It is one of the most popular drinks in Spain, especially on the Mediterranean coast. Consult our entire catalog of soft drinks and taste them from any city in Europe.

Gaseosa Soda Pop characteristics

Soda pop is a refreshing drink also known as gaseosa in spanish. Soda is the result of carbonated water, that is, unflavored water that contains carbon dioxide (CO2) that bubbles when the drink is depressurized.

Soda pop is a sweetened drink but it has 0% sugars and calories. Our soda bottle is one and a half liters, and is ideal to share with friends.

La Casera: Spanish soft drink brand

La Casera is one of the best known and most popular Spanish soft drink brands among the population. It was founded in 1949 and to this day it continues to offer bubbles throughout Spain.

Starting in the 60s, La Casera established itself as the strongest soft drink factory on the market. In this way, soda pop La Casera became the quintessential family drink and complement to table wine.

Soda Pop La Casera ingredients

Carbonated water, acidulants: citric acid, sweeteners E-954 and E-952, flavorings.

Wine with soda: the star combination

Mixing wine with soda is very typical of the summer season. It is fresh, summery and very pleasant to the palate as the fusion between wine and soda is perfect.

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La Casera

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1.5 l
Carbonated water, acidulants: citric acid, sweetener E-954 and E-952, flavorings
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La Casera

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Soda Pop La Casera 1.5 L.