Hot Chocolate

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The Hot Chocolate Meivel, in powder to prepare with milk or water, is very thick, typical for the Spanish Hot Chocolates. The Hot Chocolate has a sweet and nice taste and it is a real delight.

250 grs.
vacuum packed

The Hot Chocolate Meivel comes as powder to prepare with milk or water. Our chocolate, as it is typical for Spanish chocolate, is very thick and it has a characteristic, sweet taste.

Our Hot Chocolate Meivel is made with cocoa powder and has a hint of vanilla. To prepare the Hot Chocolate add 2 table spoons of chocolate powder to one cup o milk, heat it until it thickens and enjoy.

Our Hot Chocolate Meivel is perfect for breakfast or afternoon snack. Together with muffins, donuts or cookies the Hot Chocolate unfolds all its charm.

250 gr.
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: sugar, low fat cocoa powder, cornstarch, vanilla aroma
  • Allergens: can contain traces of gluten

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