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The Donuts also are a common and traditional Spanish sweet. Ours are a natural craft product that preserves the homemade taste like out of grandma's kitchen. Enjoy the great taste the way you prefer, with sugar on top or dipped in hot chocolate.

250 gr.
bag, vacuum packed

The Donuts are maybe one of the most common sweet worldwide. In Spain they call them Rosquillas and ours are made following the traditional recipe with a hint of aniseed. Their great taste and their tenderness are a sign of the high quality of this product.

Our Donuts are a craft product and elaborated with the best ingredients and following the traditional recipe. A lot of care is put in the moment of kneading the paste and frying the donuts. Our Donuts are a natural product without colourings and preservatives.

Enjoy the tender Donuts the way you most like. We invite you to try them with sugar or dipped in hot chocolate. Anyway the Donuts are always a good choice.

250 gr.
bag, vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, eggs, sunflower oil, olive oil, milk powder, aniseed aroma, leaving agent (E-450i, E-500ii)
  • Allergens: contains gluten, lactose, eggs

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