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White Anchovies in Vinegar Nassari

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I'm sure that in any tapas bar, there is a tapa with small white anchovies in vinegar. It is one of the most typical Spanish aperitifs in our country. And is not for less.

Anchovies in vinegar (boquerones en vinagre) have a flavor and texture that will make any palate fall in love. They come from bocarte fish and are subjected to a process of maceration or marinated in vinegar with which they adopt a white color, a texture and a flavor that makes them so popular.

What are white anchovies in vinegar Nassari?

White anchovies in vinegar Nassari (boquerones en vinagre de Nassari) are one of the most traditional tapas or appetizers of Spanish gastronomy. Its main ingredient is anchovy, a small fish whose loins have been previously marinated in vinegar, garlic and parsley.

The anchovy or, commonly known as Bocarte, is a species that abounds in the Mediterranean Sea and the façade between Europe and Africa. It is a species that lives more than 100 meters deep and is one of the most consumed blue fish in our country.

Our anchovies in vinegar are small in size, but we have more formats and other types of Cantabrian anchovies. Check this link.

Characteristics and preparation of white anchovies in vinegar Nassari (boquerones en vinagre)

The white anchovies (boquerones en vinagre) are filleted and subjected to a process of maceration or marinated in vinegar. During this process, the small pickled anchovies take on a distinctive white color, texture, and flavor that make them so popular.

But before this, the anchovies go through the following process:

  1. The loins of the anchovy are cleaned and acquire that brown color that stands out for the silver reflections of the outer skin.
  2. They are immersed in a tray (glass) with water and salt for 3 hours.
  3. They are submerged again for 6 more hours, but this time with vinegar. And keep in a cool place. In this way, the loins of the anchovy become white due to the effect of the vinegar.
  4. After 6 hours, drain the liquid and garnish with minced garlic, olive oil and parsley.

Likewise, white anchovies in vinegar are made. An authentic Spanish aperitif. Our anchovies in a small can is 70 gr. net weight and is perfect to accompany typical Spanish vermouth.

Small white anchovies in vinegar from Nassari

These small white anchovies are from Nassari, an internationally recognized company dedicated to the production of anchovies.

Nassari is characterized by making its products with quality raw material obtained in our seas: the Mediterranean Sea, the North Atlantic and the Cantabrian Sea.

In addition, Nassari pickled anchovies are products cleaned one by one by hand.

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There are varieties of anchovies: fried anchovies, lemon anchovies, pickled anchovies, etc. But at Gastronomic Spain we offer anchovies in vinegar (boquerones en vinagre), the most typical and the richest.

And as if that were not enough, you can also enjoy more than 1000 typical products of Spanish gastronomy anywhere in Europe.

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70 gr
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